Watch Selling Tips & Checklist

If you want to sell your timepiece for top-dollar, make sure you take quality pictures and provide details. The more details and photos, the higher price you can command.  The more the pictures seduce the potential buyers, the more attention your watch will grab.


You don’t necessarily need a top-of-the-line SLR digital camera to take great photos of your watch.  In fact, taking great pictures of your watch can be done with any smartphone.  Below are a few guidelines to taking great photos to prepare to sell.

1.) Find a location that has natural light.  Some folks will have a studio and/or light-box where they can take clean, crisp, and amazing pictures.  You may not have that, and there is no need to worry because you don’t need it.  I suggest finding a place outside where you can set your watch on a clean flat surface that will make for a nice background.  For example, use a white cloth/towel and lay it over a tabletop which provides for a nice backdrop and allows the features of the watch to be highlighted.  If taking pictures outside, pick a day or a location where it is overcast.  Avoid extremely bright light, and of course always avoid direct light.  Direct light reflecting off of your watch will bounce back into your camera lens and make for crap pictures.

2.) Take several pictures of the watch.  Also, take multiple pictures of the watch in different positions.   At the end of the day, it’s better to take too many photos, and then pick and choose your best ones for each position, rather than not getting the quality shot you wants.  There are certain photo positions that really help sell a watch.  You can find a few suggestions below.  Certain photos are almost necessary to get buyer attention, while additional ones can’t hurt.

3.) After you shoot the watch, and pick out the photos that made the cut, feel free to download a photo enhancing app on your phone and/or computer to really make the watch pop.  I’d suggest something like Snapseed .  When I say enhance the photos, don’t do it to the extent that it looks fake.  Slightly enhance the lighting, crop, resolution, etc. to make it still look authentic and as sexy as possible.





Make:                                                                                                                                 .

Model:                                                                                                                                .

Year:                                                                                                                                  .

Condition (New, Like New, Mint, Excellent, Fair, Used, Needs Fix):                                 .

Boxes:   Y/N.  How Many?                  .

Original Papers:    Y/N

Service Papers:    Y/N

Cards:   Y/N

Warranty Card:     Y/N

Warranty In-Tact? Y/N     If Yes, Until When?:                                                                  .

Straps/Bracelet(s)?:                                                                                                           .

More Details:



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