Avoid Investing In $10,000 Rolex Watches – YOU WON’T MAKE MONEY

You should avoid playing in the $10K Rolex watch market AT ALL COSTS.

Yes, I’m talking about our beloved Submariners, Datejusts, and GMTs.

They will NOT make you money.

Especially if you are a beginner.

Here’s why.

If you’ve just started trading watches (1-3 months), you will NOT have SPEED in the market.

That means you don’t have the network, volume, the ins and outs (experience) that enable you to move a watch fast.

Inside Watch Trading Academy (after the first 30 days of joining), our students are able to move 2-3 watches a month.

But after a year, the majority of our students are able to move 20-30 watches a month.

They also never fall into the problem of “I bought the wrong watch” because there is always an in and out depending on the price.

But Rolex, on the other hand, it’s a little bit different.

Buying the wrong watch CAN happen, especially to a beginner who doesn’t have the experience and network yet.

Let’s compare Hublot and Rolex to explain why.

Usually, Hublot allows you to make a $2,000 margin very quickly – if you’re playing with $6K -$8K.

Because of the steady market, it will allow you a longer decision-making window.

This means that even if you don’t have an established network of clients, you will have time to find one.

This window of decision-making is very, very small with Rolex.

As are the margins.

Because of the brand and how well it is known, the Rolex market fluctuates heavily.

This leaves you with smaller windows to move to watch at profit.

And even if you do move it for a profit, your margin is $500-700 on most Rolex models in the $8K-$10K range.

If you are in the business of actually making money, you want to be buying predictable watches that have the numbers already established.

Basically, the less market fluctuation, the better.

So, my recommendation here is if you are starting the game of watches and are going to learn how to do this, do not jump up to early in the Rolex game.

I would recommend first learning how to trade the rest.

And you can actually start with Hublot since that’s one of the best bets as a beginner.

If you want guidance in this game of trading watches, then you can join Watch Trading Academy.

Inside you will have access to me and my detailed step-by-step course about trading watches…

And also to a community of 15,000+ people that are trading watches daily.

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