How To Invest When You’re Not Rich

If you have at least $1,000 worth of savings and want to leverage it to get on a track to financial independence (meaning, you don’t NEED a 9-5  job to cover your lifestyle), I want to show you a faster, safer way than the traditional avenues like the stock market and real estate. 

The problem with investing small amounts of money…

Most traditional investments take time. 

The stock market returns, on average, 10% per year. 

This is annualized over a very long time. While we were just in a phase of incredible growth, it has all been wiped out and we’re starting the climb all over again.

Even if you invested $2,000 in the S&P500 at the 2020 low of $2,300 and sold at the 2022 high of $4,700, doubling your money, after taxes you made  about $1,600 after 1.5 years… 

And you still had to time the market PERFECTLY, which no one does.

It’s simply never going to make you enough money to go from broke to wealthy. 

What’s worse, if you needed liquidity during that time, you’re paying penalties and taxes to get your cash out, and it can take days or even weeks depending on your brokerage, and you might not be able to buy back in at the level you cashed out. 

Stocks and crypto are for the portfolios of people who are already rich and don’t need access to that cash.  

You need your money to compound faster while remaining available to you in case of an emergency. 

The way to do this is through alternative assets.

You need to put your money into highly liquid assets that have arbitrage opportunity where you can make money in the “spread” between retail (what end users are paying) and wholesale (what dealers are paying) for that asset.

In case you haven’t guessed by now, I’m suggesting you do this with luxury watches.

If you’re a good watch trader (I’ll teach you how), you can make returns of 20% or more on your cash in as little as a few hours or days, paid for with a direct wire transfer. 

So instead of waiting a year to turn your $2,000 to $4,000 in one year with an incredible stock market run (during which you have no control of your money), you can turn 

$2,000 to $2,400

$2,400 to $2,800

$2,800 to $3,400


$3,400 to $4,100 

In just four watch trades.

While keeping your cash available to you at a moment’s notice.

Even if it took you one week per transaction, you’re doubling your money every MONTH with these margins.

Here’s how, in just 10 watch trades, you can turn $2K to $10K along with what brands we recommend:


With more cash available to invest, the margins for percent stay the same but the dollars get bigger. 

Even if you want to be a bit lazier and have your margins get lower in favor of easier deals, if you can make 10% on one $100k watch every month without reinvesting the money (easy when you have experience), you can turn that $100k into a $120k/year cashflow to cover your mortgage, car payments, travel, etc. 

That’s why I’m so passionate about Watch Trading. You can turn $2k to $10k in 10 trades. You can turn $10k to $100k in 20 more trades. You can turn $100k into $10k/mo with just 12 transactions per year. 

All while your money is safely “parked” in the asset. 

Watches have what’s called a Bottom Cash Value – it’s a dollar at which a jeweler will wire you TODAY to take that watch off your hands. 

The closer you buy to Bottom Cash Value, the lower your risk exposure.

Here’s how I look at risk in watch trading.

Let’s say you buy a Hublot Aero Bang Carbon Fiber Skeleton for $10,000 with the goal of selling it for $12,000. 

Most people would think they’re risking $10k to make $2k, which is a 20% return. Solid!


The BCV of this watch is $8,500, meaning that if you needed your money back fast for any reason, you can get a jeweler to send you $8,500 right away to secure the watch for themselves. 

Ask any Watch Trading Academy member if they’d pay you $8,500 for that watch. They will all say yes. 

So the reality is you aren’t risking $10k to make $2k. You’re risking $1,500 to make $2,000, or a 133% return, which, to come in a matter of days is UNHEARD OF. 

$8,500 is parked, $1,500 is risked. 

This is the greatest secret to wealth building that your favorite finance gurus aren’t teaching you. 

“But What About Inflation and Market Corrections?”

This is why I love watches so much. 

The price of the S&P from June 2021 to June 2022 (when this was written) is down 13%, and 24% YTD.

Bitcoin is down over 40% in the last year and over 60% since its all-time high in 2o21. 

Crypto Punks are down 96% – because who pays $800,000 for a JPG? 

The target pricing on that Hublot I mentioned above is unchanged. Yes, the dollar against it is weaker, but the market price did not crater or even dent. 

This is the same for thousands of other watch models. 

A note on Real Estate

Before you come at me saying you don’t need a bunch of cash to get wealthy with real estate…

You are right – plenty of Real Estate gurus on Social Media have proven this.

But Real Estate has a potentially fatal flaw.

It’s PAINFULLY slow. 

It takes at least a month to transact a home. And there are tons of fees, taxes, and other BS in the way. 

When you have less than $100k in liquid savings, tying all that up for long periods of time is risky in the event of an emergency. 

Liquidating a watch can get most or even all of your money back in a few hours. Real Estate may take weeks or even months – if you need out faster, it’s going to cost you big. 

Using my Watch Trading strategy will help you safely and reliably scale up your monthly and yearly income. 

Over time, as you’re making more money, of course, it makes sense to diversity into longer, high-dollar profit centers like Real Estate and riskier investments like crypto. 

Just don’t risk your whole bag before you get there.

I want to teach you everything you need to know about executing the Watch Trading Strategy above. Click here to join Watch Trading Academy.

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