The Best Watch Forums To Sell Your Watches

Since you bought the watch… now it’s time to sell right?!. But wait, what are the best places to sell your watch? Each platform has its benefits, and you should learn more about them before you list your watches for sale.

When you are listing watches for sale on these platforms, you will realize very fast that by listing on these watch forums you can reach more people.


The other benefit is that you will be able to learn more about specific watches as well as getting to know the people who are selling on those platforms. By observing the way they list watches for sale as well as how well they communicate with you if you ask for more details about the watches they are selling. All those small things make a significant impact on your watches you are trying to sell.

Before you list your watch for sale, you should look up which is a site which aggregates most of the watch forums into one place.  You can either use the website of download the app. You will be able to see the current and past asking prices of the watch you are going to list. You do not want to list a watch for sale which is thousands of dollars less than other ten listings of the same watch.


How to list your watch for sale:

Each forum might have slightly different requirements when you are listing watches for sale, but in general, you will need to have the title with FS (for sale) in the appropriate discussion. For example, Rolex Forum has two sales discussions boards.

For Sale: ROLEX (brand) watches

For Sale: NON-ROLEX watches


When you are creating a description of the watch you are selling, make sure you disclose all the facts about the watch.

By disclosing all the essential information such as condition, what comes with the watch, you eliminate some unnecessary questions from potential buyers.

Remember to post your asking price and what method of payment you are accepting as well as the contact information people can reach you at.

When you are creating the listings, you can use TapaTalk, which is an app which can connect you to all the platforms on your phone. It’s simple to use and free.


The list of the forum platforms I prefer to sell on:

  1. Omega Forum
  2. Rolex Forum
  3. Watchuseek Forum


Omega Forum

The Omega forum is a great place to list your watches for sale. As the name says, it started with the focus on Omega watches. You are able to learn not only about Omega watches, but you can learn about other brands.

Requirements to sell:

200 posts before being eligible to sell

Cost: FREE

What you need to know:

The forums are great; however, 200 posts before you can list watches for sale is a bit excessive in my opinion. There are better places to sell on.


Rolex Forum:

One of the most popular discussions boards. The whole forum has so much information that you can spend many days by just reading the forums and learning something new.

Requirements to sell:

The only requirement to sell is to pay a donation of fee of $29.15 for the calendar year.

What you need to know

All you need to do is to pay the fee, and you can start listing five watches per day. Remember, bumping the watches for sale can be done every second day.



The biggest watch forum in the world! Yes, it has the most members as well as discussions.  You could spend weeks and weeks just reading them — a great place to learn different tips on horology related things.

Requirements to sell

You need to contribute to the discussions with at least 100 posts.

What you need to know:

This forum has a lot of people who come specifically for the watch deal. That being said, it might be worth to invest your time and post 100 times. Just make sure you will not speed post, or you will be banned, or your profile will be reset to zero posts.



All these forums are great places to list your watches for sale. If I had to pick one, I would go with the Rolex forum because I do not have to spend hours of posting in the forum discussion.

All these platforms are great to get in front of the new clients; however, your ultimate goal should be building your network of clients. It might take much longer to find retail clients, but in the end, you will realize that selling watches to retail clients is fun and fast.

The more watches you list for sale, the more you will discover your own personal style of listing watches for sale. Soon enough, people will know that it’s you who islisting watches for sale just because they recognizon the cover picture.

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