RELATIONSHIPS & LOYALTY: The Keys to Longevity in the Watch World

One of the things that’s VIP that needs to be shared with anyone who is looking to be successful watch trading is you’re only as good and profitable in this business as the loyalty, integrity, and respect of the relationships you forge.  

Too many people you meet in the watch industry whether they’re dealers, independent consumers, traders, wholesalers, etc. will welcome you and make you feel good until you no longer pay their bills and run out of cash. 

I often see traders buddy-up with shady individuals and associate with wholesaler groups run by clowns just to make that quick dollar instead of considering the opportunity cost and associations you decide to align with in the long term.

Please understand when you get to the top, the industry is tight-knit where everyone knows everyone and how they do business.  You may worship some fake demi-gods now because you don’t even realize how much of a fake they are.  You may also stumble upon them because they have large followings on social media and then later realize after you’ve been screwed out of a deal that they were really just a 🤡 clown who fakes it everyday.  These aren’t the only Demi-gods in the space that get way more credit than is deserved.  There are some who are notorious liars, scammers, and loud mouths when they’ve earned limited to no real credibility.

Also, please know that the real players in the game understand who is a fraud and a scammer and if you associate with those people even lightly other real players will take note and NOT associate with you.

So here’s a few ways you can identify who these grade-A clowns are and ultimately make the choice yourself if you want to associate with them or not:

  1. Claims to own more inventory than actual and brokers to look like they’re rich
  2. Rents/leases exotic cars
  3. Runs Facebook group(s) with raffles/waffles
  4. Has been banned from multiple legitimate watch communities and becomes the master of their own circus 
  5. Talks and posts all the time about things to make them seemingly successful and has nothing to show for it in their real life. 
  6. Hangs out with other clowns and those who will worship their facade without questioning them
  7. Don’t maintain loyalty to those who taught them everything they know about the trade 

If you want to avoid these types of relationships that will lump you in the same category as the clowns who lead them, make sure you do these few things:

  1. Some research on how they got into the watch trade
  2. If they have a business and what the reputation of it is
  3. Ask for reference checks
  4. Ask real dealers and players what they think of the person in question 
  5. Understand the intent.  Example: Does this person genuinely care about a relationship with me or only care if I have money for them.
  6. If their action matches their word
  7. If they stand behind everything that they do to ensure their reputation is 

This is also why WTA is hands down one of the most amazing and impactful watch communities in the world.  The support, education, and ongoing relationships that are forged here are life changing.  And I really do hope you all take full advantage.  We have taught so many amazing people the art of watch trading and they’ve become success stories.  We’ve also taught some who decided they didn’t want to do ethical business and they became stooges of the industry.  Leading herds of sheep off the ledge with them.

To clarify, I and people here have no beef with any dealers, traders, social media influencers, wholesalers etc who do quality business and treat people with respect.

But just be careful (especially if you’re new in the game) and question everyone you work with.  Try to understand their intent, their reputation, and what types of people/groups they associate with.  You will be referred to groups, dealers and individuals by people who seem harmless at first.  

If you have questions, please ask away here, and DO check out the blacklist of dealers/businesses we don’t recommend doing business with at all under the resources section of the WTA website.  If any of y’all have anyone to add here please let us know and we will look into it.

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