Are you a business in the watch industry that’s interested in reaching more watch collectors, enthusiasts, and traders? Watch Trading Academy is now open to sponsors. Read below for more information.

Watch Trading Academy was created in 2016 as a platform to educate people about how timepieces are fantastic investments. By leveraging what we coined as “wealth transfer”, we’ve been able to change people’s lives by showing them not only how to enjoy watches without losing money, but make healthy returns on any that they buy/sell/trade.

The community currently has over 7,500 members and is growing at a rapid pace.

The Watch Trading Academy community is better than almost every other watch community out there for a few reasons:

1.) It’s a Self-Sustaining Community Where People Help Each Other. Education is the core of the content, and wholesalers & dealers are kept separate from the education community to avoid predatory conflict of interest.

2.) Quality vs. Quantity. The members in Watch Trading Academy are paying hundreds and thousands of dollars (either one-time and/or recurring monthly) to be active in the community. This keeps a majority of the penny-pinchers out, and re-enforces the dedication of those in the community to be actively participating daily. These folks are serious about investing in quality products & services.

3.) Diversity. We have members from the age 16 up to 92 learning how to leverage watch trading. This brings growth and ideas from all generations into one ecosystem. As a partner/sponsor, that’s great news because you have an audience to tap into at the peak of their financial careers, and also potential life long new customers.

Watch Trading has caught the attention of some of the biggest fans of watch trading in business, including Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank who recommends the platform and is currently getting more involved.

The members of Watch Trading Academy are constantly looking to the resources section of the online platform (accessed by member login dashboard) and the private Facebook Group for trusted services and suppliers.

Whether it’s straps, watch winders, safes, repair services, polish services, shipping, shipping insurance, watch warranties… – the members are asking and using these daily. The power of being featured in front of these frequent target users is clutch for our partner’s Return on Investment.

Here is a break down of the initial sponsorship opportunities.

Steel –¬†Featured on the Watch Trading Academy Website Resources Section as a Trusted Sponsor (includes logo, brief description, and web-link).

Gold – Featured on Watch Trading Academy Website Resources Section as Gold Trusted Sponsor * Includes Access to the FB Community – Quarterly Featured Offers in front of the FB Community * Logo Featured at 4 Annual Meetups and Annual Conference.

Platinum –¬†Featured on Watch Trading Academy Website Resources Section as Platinum Trusted Sponsor *Includes Access to the FB Community – Monthly Featured Offers in front of the Main Community Page & Buy/Sell/Trade Group * Logo Displayed at all 4 Meetups & Annual Conference. Elective Participation in Annual Conference to Network/Speak.

Platinum Exclusive –¬†Exclusive Sponsor in the Industry Space – with all benefits of Platinum Sponsorship.

If you are interested in sponsoring the fastest growing community of watch traders, please contact us for sponsorship details and pricing.

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