Watch Trading Academy Part 3

Revealed: The Exact Playbook I Used To Skyrocket My Watch Trading Empire To 7-Figures (And How You Can Get There Faster Than I Did)

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There are levels in the watch trading game.

You have the “side hustlers.”

These are people just starting out  want to learn how to wear watches without losing money or make a little money on the side flipping them.

This is what I teach in the core Watch Trading Academy training.

Next, you have the serious watch traders.

These are people who are serious about scaling their watch trading business to $100,000 per year in profits (what I teach in the Watch Trading Academy Part Deux).


You have the empire builders.

The people who want to scale their watch trading business to the moon and make 7-figures per year in profit.

But here’s the thing...

You Can’t Make 7-Figures Trading Watches


I know this sounds f*cking crazy.

Especially coming from me of all people lol.

But it has to be said.

And believe me.

I am 100% serious when I say this…

Watch trading won’t make you wealthy.

“What? Is PJ drunk?”


In fact, I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.

Watch trading won’t make you wealthy.

At least not the way 90% of people approach it.


  1. Send out 20 messages on Ebay, hoping to get a few replies.
  2. Finally convince a guy to sell you his Breitling for $2500 because you think you can re-sell it for $2800.
  3. Rinse and repeat until your thumbs start to bleed from texting with low-ballers all day. 

Now this will help you make a nice side income.

But holy f*ck.

It's REALLY hard work lol.

This is true hustling at its core.

You see...

There’s a hierarchy in watching trading.

In the Watch Trading Academy, I teach you the strategies that will take you from zero to a couple thousand bucks per month.

Now, I’m not saying these beginner strategies don’t work.

That would be crazy.

But it’s only the beginning.

In Part Deux, I build upon the strategies in the Watch Trading Academy.

I give you the exact strategies you need to hit $100k per year in profit and join the coveted $100k club.

And while scaling up your watch trading biz is fun and all…

What took you from $0 to $100k…

Is not what’s going to take you from $100k to $1M.

I should know.

I made millions trading watches part time.

So if you’re making $100k per year now…

Sure, you could continue running the playbook I teach in Part Deux.

But you’re only going to run into the same problems I ran into when I began to scale and wanted to hit 7 figures.

In other words...

More deal hustling.

More stress.

More time spent hunting low-margin deals only beginners should be touching because you become desperate to make more sales.

This is no way to run a watch trading empire.

To run a real watch trading empire…

The kind where you have a diverse, wealthy clientele in multiple countries.

The kind where clients constantly reach out to you like clockwork.

The kind where you operate in every sector of the industry (wholesaling, trading, and investing) to manage risk.

To run an empire like THIS requires a new game-plan.

It no longer becomes about trading watches, but instead it’s about INVESTING in them.

And it’s this exact game-plan that I teach in the Watch Trading Academy Part 3.

In the Watch Trading Academy Part 3…

I layout the exact step-by-step playbook you need to scale to 7 figures fast.

It’s a “braindump” of everything I did, the mistakes I made, and what you need to do to hit 7 figures faster than I did.

But I must warn you...

If you don’t have a firm grasp of the basics taught in Watch Trading Academy and Part Deux…

Then you shouldn’t even touch the Watch Trading Academy Part 3.

This is for serious watch traders only who want to build true wealth. 

The Watch Trading Academy Part 3: Welcome To The Endgame

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This is it.

The endgame.

The chapter in the Watch Trading Academy trilogy that started back in 2015.

This is my exact playbook on everything I know on how to build a 7-figure watch trading empire.

Available only to Part Deux members…

The Watch Trading Academy Part 3 is my most advanced training to date.

I’m giving you the keys to the kingdom.

It’s the exact same blueprint I follow to make millions per year watch trading.

And even if you’re not making 6 figures yet...

Implementing even one of the new strategies in Part 3 is enough to get you to $10k/month profit. 

Here’s A Taste Of What You’ll Learn Inside The Watch Trading Academy

  • Brand new authorized dealer loopholes that lets you get your hands on any new in-demand watch at MSRP.
  • The secret, little-known website I use to get in bed with ADs all over the world (without having to see them in person).
  • How the “Rolex Switch” made me $150,000 profit in one month.
  • How to transition from being just a watch trader to a high end watch investor.
  • The #1 skill needed to become a successful watch investor (that has nothing to do with how much money you have).
  • A breakdown of how my muti 8-figure VIP Motoring business model works (and how you can replicate it).
  • How to build a “perfectly balanced” watch trading portfolio that survives any economy.
  • The 5 major keys to successful wholesaling to scale your income fast.
  • How to sell $30-100k watches for ridiculous profits without freaking out about losing all your money.
  • Finance 201: My exact banking setup to minimize risks and fees.
  • Exactly how I structure my watch trading business to legally protect myself and save as much money as possible on taxes (includes exact banks and legal entities I use).
  • The famous “Houdini Trick” jewelers use to pay less taxes.
  • Scarcity 201: How to predict the future and find the best deals before anyone.
  • How to properly get high end international clients and safely ship them watches without losing your shirt on shipping, duties, taxes, and other random fees.
  • And much more!

Look...If You Want To Scale Your Watch Trading Biz BIG, you have 2 options

Option #1: Do more volume

This is basically what I teach in the Watch Trading Academy and Watch Trading Academy Part Deux.

Here, you operate as a wholesaler and trader.

You hold on to pieces for short amounts of time but the margins are usually not as juicy.

It’s a constant battle of getting more inventory and trying to sell that inventory ASAP.

And don’t get me wrong.

This model works.

Some of the biggest jewelers in the world operate on this model.

But if you want to make it big.

I’m talking AT LEAST $500k/year profit…

Then it’s a full time gig.

And don’t forget.

You’ll be dealing with many clients who are first time watch-buyers.

AKA that guy who got a raise and is in the market to buy his first “nice watch” in the $0-10k range.

So you’ll have to deal with a lot of people who are “bargain hunters” and looking for the best deal.

Not exactly a bad thing.

But it’s a headache I don’t want to deal with.

Plus if you really want to push more volume, you might even need to open up a retail store.

But the last thing I want to do is manage a physical storefront lol.

On the other hand, you have option #2...

Option #2: Invest in lower volume, higher margin watches

This is the focus of the Watch Trading Academy Part 3.

Watch Trading Academy Part 3 is about becoming a watch investor.

It’s about learning how to anticipate trends so you know where to park your money.

So that you’re able to make $5-20k profit on a single watch you invest in 3-6 months from now.

Learning to become a watch investor is #1 reason I was able to make $912,114 profit in 2020 while doing this part time.

If I chose option #1 and focused on only doing higher volume, lower margin trades…

I’d be working 40+ hours per week.

Which is exactly what I DO NOT want. 

The More Money You Make In Watch Trading, The More Passive It Gets

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Here’s the deal:

When I was making $100k net profit per year…

I was working 10x harder than I am now.

I was hustling harder.

I was more stressed out.

I was spending more time sourcing deals.

But you want to know the craziest thing?

As I started to make more money…

Watch trading became easier.

I don’t hustle nearly as much as I did in my early watch trading days.

I don’t stress out over deals.

Plus the amount of time I spend sourcing deals has gone down to no more than 2 hours per week.

(And that’s only if I really wanted to find new deals)


I have an endless stream of retail clients (US based and international) coming to me.

I have established relationships with AD’s and jewlers that no other watch traders or wholesalers can touch.

And I’ve gotten to the point that watch trading has become so passive that I could still easily make $600,000 this year by simply answering my phone.

The coolest part?

I’m a one man show.

I run a multi-million dollar watch trading business out of my house.

No warehouse.

No employees.

No hassle or drama.

Just me and a very intimate relationship with FedEx lol.

That’s the power of watch trading.

The more you play the game, the more passive and chill it becomes.

As time goes on…

Your client base grows.

You get more referrals.

Your relationships with ADs and jewelers become stronger (aka. they hook you up with bigger and better deals).

You start making more money which gives you a bigger war chest to invest.

See what I’m getting at?

Everyone starts their watch trading journey with one watch.

Maybe you lost money.

Maybe you broke even.

Maybe you made a profit.

It doesn’t matter.

The point is…

Everyone starts with one watch.

And as time goes on….

Some of those people will go on to flip couple watches per month, making $1-5k per month.

Some will go on to make $8-10k per month and hit the coveted 100K club.

And there are a select few who will go on to do more

These select few go on to build multi-million dollar watch trading businesses like myself.

What gets you 6 figures isn’t the same thing that will get you to 7 figures and beyond.

Because you’re already in WTA Part Deux, you already know the path to hitting 6 figures a year with watch trading.

But hitting that next level is a whole different beast.

It’s no longer only about trading more watches.

It becomes more about strategy.

It becomes about thinking like an investor and understanding buyer psychology at a PhD level.

You must shed the persona of simply being that guy who has a “side hustle” trading watches on the side.

So when you’re ready…

Click the button below and join the Watch Trading Academy Part 3.