Knight Watch Course

Learn How Watch Trading Academy’s #1 Student Cal Knight Went From Making $2,000/Month To $30,000/Month In Less Than 5 Months And Was Able To Quit His 9-5 Job

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my students succeed.

Thousands of people have gone through the main Watch Trading Academy program, but no one has been as successful as Cal Knight.

In the Knight Watch Course, learn how Cal Knight was able to turn watch trading from just a side hustle bringing in a couple thousand bucks per month to finally turning it into a sustainable business.

Not only does Cal bring his own unique twist to watch trading…

But he’ll also reveal his advanced unique negotiation tactics and client getting strategies not taught anywhere else.

What You’ll Learn Inside The Knight Watch Course…

  • 10 hours of step-by-step video training covering Cal’s unique watch trading system that helped him make $100k in 5 months.Get access to 60+ personal case studies directly from Cal.
  • How to transition from someone just dabbling in watch trading making a couple hundred bucks per month to becoming a professional full-time watch trader.
  • Cal’s dangerously effective “Value Add” negotiation strategy that makes negotiating with buyers and sellers a breeze.
  • How to effortlessly develop long-lasting relationships with your clients so you become their “go-to” when it comes to buying and selling watches.
  • Downloadable pricing guides and cheat sheets so you know exactly how much to buy a watch for without losing money.
  • Cal’s simple “CRM” that lets him easily keep track of and manage hundreds of clients without feeling overwhelmed.
  • How to leverage cheap virtual assistants to help you scale the buying process so you’re not locked to your computer 24/7 messaging people.
  • The simple math formulas Cal uses to quickly figure out whether or not he should pull the trigger on a watch (This takes literally less than 60 seconds to do).
  • Sneaky photography tricks that let you take “pro-level” photos of your watches on a shoestring budget that will 10x the amount of eyeballs on your listings and sell your watches in 24 hours or less.
  • The secrets to manipulating the Ebay algorithm so you show up at the top of the search results. More people who see your listing = more money.
  • And much more...

But wait!

When you join today, you'll also get:

Lifetime Access To Cal’s private Facebook group where he will personally answer any questions you have

This is Cal’s private Facebook group created specifically for Knight Watch members. Network with other Knight Watch members and get direct access to Cal where he will answer any questions you have about watch trading.

All Knight Watch members get lifetime access to the Facebook group.

What Members Have To Say About the Knight Watch Course

Buy Watches For Less Money And Sell Watches For More Money With Cutting Edge Negotiation Strategies

Becoming successful at watch trading isn’t only about understanding the watch industry, but also understanding the people that buy and sell the watches.

Because at the end of the day, watch trading is a game of relationships.

People buy watches based off of emotion and if you want to succeed at watch trading, understanding human nature and how to properly negotiate is a must.

In the Knight Watch course, not only does Cal reveal cutting edge negotiation strategies..

But he also shows live examples of how he negotiates with real clients (down to the actual texts and conversations).

What’s The Difference Between the Knight Watch Course And the Watch Trading Academy Part Deux?

Glad you asked.

The Watch Trading Academy Part Deux was created to show people how to start trading higher end watches to scale to six figures.

On the other hand...

The Knight Watch program is more focused on getting and retaining long-term clients and negotiation strategies.

One program isn’t necessarily better than the other.

And if you want to scale your watch trading biz fast, you’ll do great with either program.

But I will say this...

If you struggle with client negotiation.

Or if you struggle with getting repeat clients or getting clients to come to you…

Then I definitely recommend you to pick up the Knight Watch course.

When the student becomes the teacher…

Cal’s approach to watch trading is unlike anything else out there.

He brings the unique perspective of being a former Watch Trading Academy student.

So he understands the exact struggles you’re going through right now.

Combine that with his unique negotiation and client getting strategies, and this is one program you can’t afford to miss.

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