Deal Finder Sessions

Still Struggling To Find Profitable Deals?

Watch “Over My Shoulder” As I Hunt For The Most Profitable Watch Deals Online

One of the most challenging aspects of watch trading is research.

Anyone can type a watch model into Ebay and see what’s selling but it takes real skill to be able to hunt down profitable deals like clockwork.

And when you understand the art of profitable deal hunting, you created a money-printing machine for yourself.

Which is why I created the Deal Finder Sessions.

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Here’s Just A Taste Of What You’ll Learn Inside The Deal Finder Sessions:

  • 70+ hours of raw video showing how I'm sourcing watches from start to finish.
  • The top 3 sites I always start my research on and how to navigate them the right way.
  • Why most watch forums are a waste of time and filled with mostly sleazy, low-life traders (except for this one I visit every day).
  • How I determine the bottom cash value of any watch in 30 seconds or less.
  • How to find “under the radar” sellers that aren’t even listed on popular sites like eBay and Chrono24,
  • My bulletproof method for vetting any seller without running an FBI level background check on them.
  • The “sneaky” negotiation messages I send sellers that have them practically begging me to buy their watch.
  • The real secret to “jeweler math” and how to swoop in at the right time and snatch up their inventory for huge margins.
  • The truth about buying naked watches and why it’s one of the biggest opportunities for watch traders to make massive profit.
  • And much more...

Become A Deal Hunting Master With The Deal Finder Sessions

People think you make your money when you sell your watch.

But in reality the money is made way before that.

You make your money when you buy the watch.

More specifically…

You make your money when you properly do your research and buy the right watch.

And yet…

I see so many people try to rush through the research process because they’re desperate to make money.

And it’s these same people who end up losing money on deals or getting scammed.

I created the Deal Finder Sessions, not only to give you an “over the shoulder” look as I hunt for the most profitable watch deals online…

But also to show you how to determine the buying price without losing money and how to properly vet buyers.

Deal Finder Sessions Is For You If…

You struggle with finding profitable deals

You can’t make money trading watches if you screw up the research process.


Too many people buy based on emotion and not hard data.

The Deal Finder Sessions changes that.

Not only will you get to “look over my shoulder” as I search for deals, but you’ll learn my exact thought process for why I do things I do.

You struggle with properly vetting sellers

There’s a saying in the luxury watch world: “Buy the seller, not the watch.”

Meaning...make sure the person you’re buying from is legit.

Scams are everywhere in the luxury watch market.

I’ll show you exactly what you need to look out for in the Deal Finder Sessions and the simple steps I take to properly vet sellers without doing crazy background checks. 

You’re not sure how much you should buy a watch for

Unfortunately buying a watch for the right price isn’t as simple as seeing a watch being offered for $2500 on Facebook and offering $2000.

If it were that easy, everyone would be making a killing with watch trading.

There’s an art to buying watches at the right price.

And I cover this in-depth in the Deal Finder Sessions.

What Deal Finder Session Members Have To Say…

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Are You Ready To Become A Deal Finding Master?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

If you can master the art of finding great deals, you’ll never go hungry again.

Get the ultimate advantage over your competition and learn how real watch deals are made.

Click the button below to get instant access to the Deal Finder Sessions.