Blog | Watch Trading Academy - Part 3

Watch Trading In-Person Deal Safety Tips

When it comes to watch trading, you’re dealing with assets that are in the thousands to tens of thousands of dollars range.  The industry is polluted with scammers, robbers, cheats, liars, embellishers, and even murderers.   The point of sharing this info with you isn’t to discourage you from watch trading.  It’s to tell you the […]

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A Day in The Life of A Watch Trader

Recently, I had a friend of mine who is an entrepreneur in the multimedia space pitch me on a series for his watch lifestyle channel. It’s titled “A Day in the Life”, and the vision is to give folks both in and outside the industry different perspectives of those involved in the value chain of […]

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How to Get Out of Any Watch

When you’re first starting out in watch trading, it can seem overwhelming and potentially scary. A lot of that comes from the perceived notion that there is a lot of risk. One of the perceived risks I hear from people often is that they’re worried they are going to buy a watch at too high […]

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