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Nick Campanella is a 24 year old New Jersey native who leveraged his connections in the fashion industry to really grow in his love for watches! Starting his journey by using his college graduation money to purchase his first watch, he now enjoys trading watches on a full time basis along with assisting his other WTA members, he is always looking to grow his company Tailored Timepieces. As a young man with cerebral palsy, Watch Trading Academy has helped Nick expand on his belief that his mindset, not his disability, was really the thing holding him back. He hopes to teach others how to push beyond their limitations towards a life they can be proud of.

Watch Plug To The Stars

Since I’ve been involved in watch trading academy, one question has been asked to me repeatedly: “Nick, how do you connect so well with social media influencers?” Truthfully I thought for a long time on how to explain how I connect with influencers; it’s definitely not an easy thing to do. But I still think […]

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