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With a career in freight forwarding in Europe I landed in the United States in 2000 and became involved in the Insured Shipping Arena. After being in the position of Vice President of Sales for an insured shipping company for 15 years I decided in 2016 to create my own company where customer service is and always will be our mission statement. In my many meetings and interactions with customers in the Jewelry, watch and luxury goods industries I learned that shipping high value items deserves an equal high value partner who will guide, educate and look after its clients, with that in mind I created IFS Inforsure and build a team of only the most dedicated and knowledgeable staff.

Shipping Best Practices

You joined the WTA, studied the course and now you’re ready to start trading watches but wait, you found that perfect starter watch and now you need to get it in your hands so here starts your next journey: Shipping! Shipping is a bit more than slapping a label on a box and surrendering it […]

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