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I've enjoyed trading watches for the past few years. Trading watches helped me to start - Value Your Watch Marketplace - which is a platform to buy/sell/trade watches safely and easily. Without the Watch Trading Academy, I would not have been able to find this path. Watch trading is a progressive business, and when you keep on trading consistently, your margins and profits both increase. I love being able to make over $1,000 on one watch trade compared to $100 per trade when I started. Being located in Hawaii, watch trading allowed me to make money and enjoy paradise at the same time.

Which Omega Watches Are Great For Trading

Omega watches are some of the most popular among watch collectors and watch enthusiasts, which makes it a great watch to get for trading. There are many different Omega watches you can do well with when it comes to watch trading. The general rule is that Speedmasters and Seamasters are among the most popular among […]

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