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Conrad Suzak here, I graduated college in 2020 and work full time in the corporate world as an engineer. My hobbies include cars, recreational boating, and traveling. I stumbled upon the Watch Trading Academy training courses back in 2018. PJ’s courses and support from his Facebook group have allowed me to create an easy side income to support my hobbies, which has been an awesome opportunity. Since graduating college, my focus has shifted away from mundane college courses and directed towards watch trading, where I will be set on joining other academy members in the $100K group. Feel free to find me in the WTA group and ask me anything!

eBay Authentication Services

Recently, eBay has rolled out a new service that affects us all as watch traders whether we’re buying OR selling on their platform. This service guarantees a watch to be authentic before reaching the new owner. Depending on how eBay handles this program, this service can be very beneficial to new traders who may have […]

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