As of August 15, 2020, our affiliate program is closed and all pending commissions have been paid out.

Currently our partner program is closed to the public, however, you are welcome to submit an application for review.

Terms & Conditions

By signing up with our affiliate program, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as presented by us. We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions anytime without notice.

No Spam Policy – You are free to promote your affiliate link and our products through any means necessary. However, this does not mean you are advised to ‘spam’ ie: send mass email blasts to unauthorized emails, posting spam on message boards, spamming blog comments, etc. Any indication of spam methods will result in a terminated account and lost of all pending commission.

Payment – Payments for the previous month are made after 15 days AFTER the month ends to allow for refunds to clear. For example, commission earned in January would get paid out during the middle of February. There is a $300 minimum payout requirement.

Termination – We reserve the right to terminate and retain all affiliate commissions if we find you are promoting our products in an unethical fashion. Also, affiliates who are found to purchase memberships through their own affiliate links will be terminated.

Cookie – Our affiliate program cookie has a lifetime duration of 30 days. All users you refer to our site through your affiliate program will have up to the life of the cookie to make a purchase. You will receive the credit unless your cookie is over written by another affiliate within the same program.

Identity – As an affiliate, you are simply that. You do not work for us, nor are an employee as hired by Watch Trading Academy, and forbidden from using the likeness that is “Watch Trading Academy” and/or “Pejman Ghadimi”.

Customers – All visitors who make a purchase through your affiliate link will be deemed our customers, which means we are responsible in fulfilling orders and managing all customer issues, etc.

Limited Liability – We will not be liable or responsible for any damages, indirect or direct, that may occur during the lifetime of your role as an affiliate.

Earnings – Commissions are earned only on front end product basis. Any subsequent purchases do not qualify for commission unless agreed upon.

Promotions – All promotional materials are subject to review. Content or creatives found in violation may result in account termination. Affiliate commission is not valid during sales events IE: Black Friday.