Why You Should Become a Watch Trader and How You Can Get Started Today

Did you know the watch industry is a $500 Billion per year industry?

That’s $500,000,000,000.

Jewelry stores have one of the highest success rates out of any businesses out there.

Have you ever wondered WHY?

The mark up from some jewelers is in excess of over 1000% per product.

This teaches us three very important and powerful lessons about what could be one of the most incredible and untapped markets in the world.

1. It’s a big pond.
2. It’s hard to fail.
3. It’s really profitable.

These are three things that every single entrepreneur out there LOVES to hear when considering what business to build next… unfortunately very few businesses actually deliver on this very basic (and extremely lucrative) concept.

So by now, you might be asking who I am and why I’m telling you this.

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Pejman Ghadimi, and I am a well-known entrepreneur with a very long track record in luxury lifestyle, finance, and online teaching.

What I am NOT is an online marketer or “internet guru”.

I am a TEACHER, and I pride myself on never teaching anything that I haven’t personally accomplished myself.

I don’t hop from fad to fad like the Real Estate, Forex, and Bitcoin gurus, I stick to what I know.

Now, I’m not going to give you my full life story, but we need to go back in time for a second – just to give you an understanding of where I got this obsession for the Jewelry business and why it can be as good to you as it is to me.

I immigrated to the United States in 1997 with a single mother. We had $3,000 to our name, nowhere to live, and no plan.

We managed to get by, and after succeeding as a telemarketer in my teens I shifted industries and became one of the youngest bank managers in the United States.

Five years and seven promotions later, at 23, I was one of the youngest VPs of a Fortune 500 bank. Ever.

This is where much of my financial knowledge comes from.

During that time, in 2003, I founded a company called VIP Motoring, a unique concierge service with an investment angle.

I would not only help the wealthy, affluent people across the globe acquire rare luxury assets like exotic cars, watches, and art, but I would also teach them how to make sure they did so with an investment strategy instead of treating it as simply a frivolous expense.

In short, we became the world’s first investment fund that allowed the top 1% to invest in luxuries rather than buy them.

My team and I spent years accumulating data from depreciation schedules to acquisition costs of some of the rarest and greatest items anyone could wish for.

Fast forward to 2010, I was facing some health issues and decided to reorganize my priorities.

Up to that point, my goal was making money.

I decided it was time to focus on my true passion, teaching.

So I retired.

My entire life, I’d always had a gift for teaching, but it seemed that staying busy and making so much money had made me lose sight of my purpose and what I enjoyed the most about business.

In 2011, I began launching many online learning platforms such as Exotic Car Hacks, Watch Conspiracy, and my most successful platform, Secret Entourage.

All three platforms are grounded in the idea that education doesn’t have to be expensive and reserved for those that have the privilege of going to a 4-year university or getting an elite apprenticeship.

I, myself, never had the option of doing so and I did, after all, still build a dozen profitable companies to date that I still own (none are sold) and all collectively do well over $60,000,000 in revenue per year.

I share these things with you not to brag, but to ensure you understand that the report you are about to read comes from a place of experience and track record, not from an assumption or a theory of what a perfect world should be.

When I was younger, I realized something that made me want to know more about the jewelry business.

While I was only 16, I was in a position to understand that I was on to something. I just didn’t know what to do then to put myself on the right track.

What I realized was….


I knew of tons of jewelers, but didn’t know a single one of them to be poor or even middle-class.

I may not have understood much about business then, but I did understand that 100% of people I knew who were in that field all were well-off, lived in amazing houses, and all drove exotic cars.

As a 16-year-old, this excited me enough to start inquiring about the power of the wholesale and retail market as it pertained to watches.

Seeing a lot of barriers to entry, I gave up on this idea at first, only to be reminded by a friend years later how incredibly profitable this business really was.

One of my friends from my local Porsche club chapter had gotten in the business years ago and I saw year after year, his cars kept getting better while mine didn’t.

This made me wonder “what could he possibly be selling to be making that kind of money?”

My investigation of what he did and how he did it led to us becoming friends, and through him I met another 11 jewelers that next year.

They all shared similar lifestyles. Not a single one of them was struggling financially.

This brings us to the opportunity at hand.

Being in the jewelry business is very capital intensive, but being in the watch business (a segment of the larger jewelry trade) is not.

As a matter of fact, a person can get into the watch business $1,500 to their name.

Sometimes even less. But, before I show you how, I want to share with you some personal reasons as to why watches mean so much to me.

While buying and selling watches seems to be nothing more than a business, and clearly is profitable, for me watches are much more than that.

You see, there were three specific instances in my past where watches saved my life, and for that reason, I will always have an affinity for them.

When I was 17 years old, I wouldn’t stop bugging my mom to buy me a watch.

Since we were poor then, a Bulova was about as expensive as it got, and that’s what I wanted.

My mom and I would often go the mall together and we would walk past this aisle inside the department store MACY’S and each and every single time I would point out the watches in the shiny glass case and keep reminding her that I wanted one.

Since we didn’t have much, buying a 17-year-old a $325 watch was a stretch, but with enough convincing, my mom gave in and got me my first watch, a Bulova chrono stainless steel.

Little did I know that this watch would save my life two short years later – literally.

When I turned 18, had been working and making good money, I bought myself a V8 Chevy Camaro. 400 horsepower, loads of torque, bought cash with my own money.

I felt invincible.

Three hours after I picked up my new car, I was headed down some back roads to pick up my best friend, taking corners way too fast like a jackass and…

I lost control and hit a tree. My irresponsible driving had caused me to total my car.

The accident was so bad that the car was split in half. Just about everything was destroyed.

I should have died.

That Bulova watch was on my wrist, and it went straight through the speedometer glass.

When the paramedics showed up, I was told had that watch not been there, the odometer glass would have slit my wrists open. I’d have bled out on the side of the road.

My very first watch literally saved my wrist as it took the majority of the impact. The watch broke, but to this day it remains in my watch box as a reminder to drive responsibly and be thankful for my life.

That was the first time a watch saved my life.

I may have been out of a watch, but I still had my life.

On my 19th birthday, my father (whom I had never met) decided to send me my very first gift ever. Completely out of left field.

He had sent me a very nice $3,000 Raymond Weil Parsifal watch in gold and stainless steel.

It was the most expensive and beautiful watch I had ever owned and, while I wasn’t really a big fan of my absent father, I chose to accept the gift. I wore it proudly for a year.

After my 20th birthday, an opportunity came to purchase a piece of land as an investment.

I was not in a cash position to make the full investment so I offered my watch and my last $5,000 in cash to allow a fair trade on the land.

The seller accepted.

Fast-forward 5 years later, that $8,000 sold to a developer for over $600,000 and allowed me to get the cash needed to fund my first piece of commercial real estate for VIP Motoring.

Once more, a watch became my savior.

The third time watches saved me wasn’t actually one specific watch, but the watch market in general.

During the “great recession” of 2008, my business was seriously struggling to make enough revenue to survive as an automotive investment firm.

In late 2008, at the advice of a jeweler friend, I decided to buy distressed luxury assets (watches and art) with my remaining capital as a hedge against the plummeting car market.

Six months later watches had become our greatest asset and opportunity for revenue, outpacing all our other revenue channels by over 300%.

In 6 short months, what would have been my greatest failure became my biggest success, and the reason my business grew over 200% year after year.

I don’t know why I waited so long to get in.

But since I started, I haven’t slowed down. Here’s just a small sample of the watches I’ve traded in 2018.

As you can see, watches have and always will be a big part of my life as they have time and time again saved me both financially and literally.

This is why it is very important that you understand why watches can be one of the greatest financial investment you can make, regardless if you are doing so for wealth preservation or for maximum returns in short time frames.

Here is a look at three strategies that will show you three distinct ways the watch market can be a good investment.

They have made my students and I a generous amount of cash in the last 6 months.

Strategy 1 – The Hold Game: 

While watch profits are maximized by flipping watches and turning over inventory, there are plenty of opportunities to buy watches and hold on for a longer term for a decent 10-20% return.

Let’s take the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Rose Gold as an example. At its inception 4 years ago, the MSRP was $46,000 and no discounts were available.

In 2015, when a lot of the original buyers moved on to new pieces, they flooded the market and so you could buy that very same watch for $24,500 used.

Some significant depreciation was felt by those who bought at MSRP, but those are the guys who are really rich and don’t care.

The year following the big dip, the lowest you could buy would become $27,000. Today, $31,000+.

Should you have purchased one in 2015, today you would have made over $6,000. Just from wearing/owning a watch.

Seems crazy, right?

Watches, just like any other commodity, have a base bottom and once hit, only appreciate rather than depreciate. Here is a price graph of the exact watch:


Strategy 2 – Distressed Watches: 

People buy what they cannot afford, so when times get hard, the first thing they dispose of are commodities that are not of necessity.

No different than a person owning a very expensive home and needing to sell it to make sure they don’t default.

If you have ever known a person that lives above their means, they are the perfect definition of this.

I know plenty, and unfortunately for them, when they get reminded that their finances will be short the cars and watches are the first things to go…

Which creates an incredible opportunity for people like me and my students to come in with cash, ready to acquire all those incredible things at a fraction of what they are worth.

Distressed watch sales, just like real estate, have such a high level of equity that you can immediately flip the asset for smaller profits or hold and sell the proper way for maximum profits.

In many cases, such assets can be bought as low as 80% off their retail pricing and resold for 30% above that almost overnight.

This creates opportunities to make anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000 instantly.

Strategy 3 – Specialty Models: 

With so many variations and models of watches out there, the majority of people selling their watches have no idea how incredible they are.

They end up selling some of today’s rarest and greatest advertised as nothing more than an average watch with a special name.

Their foolishness becomes our opportunity.

The lack of information and the lack of knowledge creates such an opportunity for watch traders to buy some of the rarest and most limited models in the world at a fraction of the cost due to the ignorance of those selling them.

To understand why, you need to know that the average person buys a watch for one of two core reasons.

The first one being they like the watch itself, and the second being the status wearing that brand or model implies.

Either way, neither of these two makes you an avid collector or expert in the field.

That being said, there is an opportunity to buy these watches from those clueless individuals whose need for immediate cash and a new watch drives an incredible opportunity for you to make significant profit margins.

These three situations are no different than another industry that’s hot for investors, but WAY more flooded.

Can you guess what it is?


Since most of today’s higher-end watches are considered a commodity (no different than oil, precious metals, land and more), the idea is to understand the market, where you fit in and which opportunities work best for you.

This is exactly the same as learning how to become a real estate investor.

I want to teach you how to become a watch trader/investor and increase your income over $100K per year while only spending 3 hours a day max working on it.

I know it sounds crazy, but the truth is that right now over 3,000+ people in my watch trading community are currently making full-time income while working just part-time hours.

This is exactly what is happening every single day. Here are some of my students.

By now you’re probably asking… “why am I showing you this?”

Well, I am NOT selling you watches if that’s what you were thinking, and I am not a watch dealer.

Contrary to what you may think, watch dealers hate me so much for revealing their secrets and margins that I get death threats on a weekly basis.

I want to teach you how to become a watch entrepreneur. I want you to start taking advantage of this completely untapped market.

This is NOT something everyone is doing, which is why it creates more opportunities for my students and I.

There are so many more chances to make money because it’s NOT a crowded space like the stock market, or real estate wholesaling.

If you have at least $1,500 to play with, don’t want to risk losing your investment and want an additional source of income, I have put together a FREE training to show you exactly how to do this.

Sign up for the training here: https://www.watchtradingacademy.com

Click the link to register for my FREE training where I am going to show you how this works in detail and how you too can jump in and start making money with the sharks.

Please come prepared and make sure to have a notepad and paper on hand to take notes.

There will be NO replay and NO opportunity to watch another session if you miss it.

I will also answer all your questions which should help you understand if flipping watches is indeed for you or not.

Sign up for the training here: https://www.watchtradingacademy.com

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