Why Watch Trading is an Amazing Financial Play Even with a Great Career Path

Why Watch Trading is an Amazing Financial Play Even with a Great Career Path

I will make a bold assumption that most people looking into watch trading have a regular job. Whether it be in sales, corporate accounting, nuclear engineering, etc. A job that brings in money in the standard W2 or 1099 fashion. 

Me too.

I wake up early in the morning, go somewhere, do some stuff, and money comes in every two weeks. That is the purpose of our careers; we work to make money to support our families. 

But what if you already had money? 

That’s an idea I’ve asked my friends and family since High School. What would you do with $10M in the bank? Some people would sit on their ass and watch TV. Some would travel. Some would homeschool their children. Some would volunteer in their communities. 

So do me a favor- think of the screen in which you see your bank account balance, whether it be on your phone or computer. Close your eyes, and envision:

Available Balance:   $10,000,000

What would you do? Sure, buy a nice car, pay off your debts, pay off some debts of family members. Go on a world tour and buy things you don’t need in every country and leave them behind. But then what?

What will you do for the rest of your life? 

Maybe you like your job, and so you’d keep doing it. I can see how someone with a rewarding career like practicing medicine, teaching, or designing spacecraft and cars may want to keep doing it. 

So if you like what you do and you make good money, why would you need more money? The simple one-word answer is this:


There is nothing more terrifying and stressful than having no options in life. If you need to work 12 hours a day 6 days a week to pay for food and the heating bill so your children won’t be hungry and cold, you have no options, and you are trapped.

Conversely, there is nothing as comforting and mentally stimulating as having options. The freedom of choice allows you to live life how you desire, not have someone else make your decisions for you. 

Real world example of what I’m talking about: 

Right now as I’m writing this, I have a close to $200k job that is very low stress, contracting for the government. The problem with this cushy job is the options. I have none except in various remote locations across the country, doing the same type of unfulfilling tasks. 

That’s not acceptable to me, so I’ve known for the past few years that a change would have to be

made. The problem has always been, how does one with a family to support go about a radical career change in order to try something new? 

The answer came through watch trading (and PJs 90 day boot camp). While I haven’t completely replaced my current income, I am on a path to doing so, and I have a plan to add additional income streams. My house just went under contract yesterday, and tomorrow I’m taking the real estate licensing exam. 

This is a completely crazy idea to probably 93% of the population, yet to me it is a valid option because of the cash cushion watch trading has provided for me.

Watch trading has shown me that I like talking to new people. I like buying and selling things. I like taking a day to drive somewhere to pick up or drop off a watch

If you know what you would do with extra money coming in then obviously watch trading is for you. And if you don’t know what you would do with extra cash, then watch trading is definitely for you! Because once you do it properly and see the extra cash, ideas that you once thought were crazy can become valid options. 

I’m always available via Facebook PM or in the WTA group if you want to talk, or if you have any questions about what I’ve written above. 

Good luck, and happy trading!


Disclaimer- Don’t quit your job, sell your house, or withdraw your retirement savings yet. I fully encourage taking risks, but start small. Build up the process. Then devote more time and money to it once you’ve proven to yourself that it works

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