Which Omega Watches Are Great For Trading

Omega watches are some of the most popular among watch collectors and watch enthusiasts, which makes it a great watch to get for trading.

There are many different Omega watches you can do well with when it comes to watch trading. The general rule is that Speedmasters and Seamasters are among the most popular among people.

The more popular the watch you buy, the easier it is to sell it; however, you have to buy the watch right. 

For example, you see on Watchrecon.com Omega Speedmaster moon watches listed for sale around $3,000-$3,500. You should likely avoid buying the watch for $3,000. You should buy the watch at least 20% under the lowest asking price. That way, you will have more leverage when selling.

When you are looking to buy your first Omega Watch, here is the list of the most popular Omega Watches: 

  • Omega Speedmaster Reduced
  • Omega Speedmaster MK40 
  • Omega Speedmaster Moon watch
  • Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean
  • Some Limited Editions…


  • Omega Speedmaster Reduced

These look very similar to Omega’s moon watch, which makes it very popular among watch people or people who want to get their first luxury timepiece.

 Target Price Range: Approximately $1,100 or less for a full set

Sale Price Range: $1600 and UP


  • Omega Speedmaster MK40 

This watch is especially hot right now. Many people like to get their hands on this watch due to the Hodinkee Limited Edition Speedmaster which was made after this watch was released. 

The functions of the watch make it very appealing to collectors. You get a GMT complication, and the Day-date function as well.

Target Price Range:  Approximately $2,100 or less is good

Sale Price Range: $2,700 + and UP


  • Omega Speedmaster Moon watch:

When you find one of these watches, you will understand why so many people want to have at least one in their collection. These watches are very hard to get under $3,000 even after many years in production. The design has not been changed in these watches.  The only thing that is different is the materials. The way you can spot an older moon watch is the patina dial.

Target Price Range:  Approximately $2,500 or less

Sale Price Range : $3,000 + and UP


Omega Speedmaster’s series have so many options for you to choose from. When you are looking to buy a Speedmaster, make sure you are getting a full set.  A full set comes with the outer and inner box, cards( warranty card, pictograph) and manual. Sometimes it is hard to get a complete set but at least get the Omega box and Warranty card which makes the resell much easier.

If you ever need to service these watches, Omega will charge you around $750, but the independent watchmakers would typically cost you anywhere from $300-$3500. 


  • Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

This watch has become very popular among people due to its versatility as well as durability. I have owned many different planet oceans with various color combinations.

The older models with the 2500 movements are among the most popular out there when it comes to Omega Planet Ocean. The price point on the secondary market is excellent. For around the $2,000 range you can buy a great watch which keeps excellent time and is not expensive to maintain.

 This watch can be bought in different color variations. You can buy Orange or Black bezel combinations and there’s also options with colored numbers in the dial. The orange bezel brings a bit more premium and looks fantastic on the bracelet.

Target Price Range:  Approximately $2,000 or less for a full set on bracelet

Sale Price Range: $2,500+ and UP


OMEGA is well known for producing many limited edition watches. For example: there are Olympic Edition, James Bond Edition, Moon Watch Anniversary watches, and more.

The general rule of thumb is that not many limited edition watches will fetch a premium above MSRP right after the release date. There are some such as the new Apollo 11 50th anniversary Omega Speedmaster which is trading above MSRP right now.

Buying limited editions can be risky even if you think the demand is high. For example, you order the limited edition to trade the watch, but you are among the last people who get the watch. When you list the watch for sale, there might be many for sale already.


From personal experience, I have seen the price go up when the watch is released. Then the price goes slowly down when the people who want to keep the watch get it, and the demand softens.

 Then, later on, the watch demand might pick up again, and people are interested in buying it again. Just look at the Snoopy watch, which was selling around retail and now it’s selling for much more.

When you are buying omega watches, you will realize that they are easy to sell when you buy right. They make great watches to start watch trading with. Many people are familiar with these watches, which makes it much easier for you to sell it to them and increase your customer base.

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