Tips To Get More Eyeballs On Your Watch Listings & How to Sell on Facebook

As PJ regularly says “watch trading is a game of numbers” so I wanted to share some tips with the WTA community on how to get maximum exposure for any current or future watch listings.


Tip #1 – Make It Easy To List Your Watch

One of the standardized processes that I follow every time I get in a new piece of inventory is to research the watch and fill out my listing template.  Once the template is filled out, it makes it really easy to copy/paste any pertinent information to any sales platform.  

Below is an example of my current template so feel free to “borrow” it and make any changes to make  it your own


Brand / Model  – Short Description – Ref #

$Price, Terms

1-2 sentence description about the watch. The original retail price for this watch was $Price.  Get this beautiful pre-owned timepiece before its gone!

Reference number –

Model –  

Movement –

Case Material –

Condition –

Scope of delivery –

Gender –

Case diameter –

Water-resistance –

Power reserve –

Bezel material –

Crystal –

Dial –

Bracelet –

Location –


I attempt to 100 percent transparent and honest in all of my business dealing.  I have done hundreds of transactions across multiple online marketplaces including Facebook, eBay, and online forums.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or to ask for references.  I am a trusted seller and if we decide to do business together, I promise to provide a flawless transaction.

Mechanically the watch is running well with no issues.  The crystal is clean with no nicks or scratches. I’ve attempted to showcase the watch’s current condition in the photos (the serial number is only blurred for privacy reasons) but feel free to reach out if any additional pictures are required.


Contact Info


At first glance, this may seem like a time-consuming task, but I promise you with a quick google search, and with tools like Chrono24, it’ll only take you 5-minutes.  Plus, it allows you to become more knowledgeable about the details of your watch.


Tip #2 – List Your Watch In More Places

Now that you have completed your listing template, it will be easy for you to list your watch on multiple sales platforms.  

There is no shortage of places to list your watch, including an ever-growing number of different FB enthusiasts groups, but here is a short list to get you started:




FB Marketplace

The Rolex Forum


Your Personal Instagram/Facebook

Your Business Instagram/Facebook



WhatsApp Chats

Private Messages To Clients/Prospects

The WTA Buy/Sell/Trade FB Group

And so many more FB Groups…  


Tips 3 through 9 – Aka. Special Considerations For Listing Your Watch On Facebook

Note – The following tips mainly pertain to “FB Marketplace” listings but still may apply if you are posting your watch in a FB group and “sales format” turns on (this sometimes happens if you have a price listed in your post)

One of the most challenging parts about listing your watch on FB can be getting your FB marketplace listing approved.  From my experience, the main thing reason why a marketplace listing will not get approved is because FB “thinks” that you are trying to sell a replica/counterfeit item, even though your item is authentic.  

So try these workarounds to see if you can outsmart Zuck.

Replace brand names with words like “Authentic” or “Genuine” (e.g. Authentic Submariner, Genuine Santos)

Add hashtags (#) in front of brand names (e.g. #Rolex, #Cartier)

Replace letters in brand names with symbols (e.g. R0L-EX, C@RT!ER)

Abbreviate brand names, when applicable (e.g. AP, B&R)

Screenshot your description and add it as a picture

Get your listing approved with a generic description, then go back and edit the description with your template

These are all things that I have either done personally or seen other people do to get their listings approved on FB Marketplace but at the end-of-the-day, getting your listing approved on FB Marketplace is more of an art than a science.

In closing, I hope you picked up a few new tricks to help get more views on your listings and get your watches sold faster and for more money.


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