The Watch Trading Academy Scam I Predicted Years Ago!

3:00 AM … the alarm went off and I woke up in a panic sleeping at my home desk while putting together a research report for my high-pressure sales job!

I was about to get back into it, when I was rudely interrupted by another Watch Trading Academy ad on YouTube!

I was furious.  Not only did the ad keep popping up, but the things the Persian guy was saying were too good to be true.  It just wreaked of another Guru trying to sling some bulls*@#% that was preying on weak people to buy an online course.  How was this guy going to sit here and talk about 35% profits in 3 days starting with $1500 being able to buy Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe and so on!?  I had seen those watches in the boutiques, and they were tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases.

I clicked ignore, and continued on with my research that had to be done ASAP.  As I stared at my screen looking at my Word document, I went into blank stare mode.  It was like at that moment something changed.  I knew I hated doing the work I was doing at my 9-5 job.  I was sitting there busting my ass for someone else’s dream wasting away stressing and making myself sick.  As I blankly stared off through my computer screen, that annoying WTA ad played over and over again in my head.  I loved luxury timepieces at the time, but didn’t really know much about the brands, or what was an investment vs. a money pit.  I just knew I loved the mechanical artwork and feeling like a boss.

My curiosity got the best of me needless to say.  I think that happens to many of us when we’ve had enough of our current situation, or want something bad enough.  It opens up our minds to try something new.  So I Google searched Watch Trading Academy and performed my own due diligence on the company and this guy Pejman.  What started out as a quick glance over the homepage turned into a 2-hour rabbit hole session of me looking at not only his case studies of making over a million dollars with luxury watches, but what seemed like hundreds of other people of all ages making it work too.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but my full-blown hatred and dismissal of making money trading watches was shifting into almost a fun learning thing.  I was doing research on watches that people had bought from Omega, to Rolex, to new brands I had never heard of before like Ulysse Nardin.  I would go off on a tangent and Google the Ulysse Nardin pieces.  I fell in love with the designs and the history of the companies.

It was interesting because I was doing the same type of research I had been dreading 3 hours prior, but this felt like I had caught a second wind.  It was actually cool and fun to discover this could potentially be something that wasn’t completely false.

I decided to take a small risk.  I signed up for the free webinar, so what harm was another 30 minutes out of my day?  I had already become a bit enchanted by the watches (later I found out timepieces are different than watches), and figured it would be a way for me to find that final “AH-A” moment, or snag in the scheme that made it too good to be true like I thought.

But something unexpected happened.  As I listened to the webinar, I realized none of the info was actually that insane.  It was laid out logically and practically in a way that I couldn’t really poke holes in the way the process worked.  There was one specific part I never forgot, and that was when Pejman said “I’ve never seen a broke jeweler”.

That shit really hit home.  Every jeweler I knew opened shop at 10AM, drove a fancy car, and lived life on their terms connecting with some pretty interesting people.  I started daydreaming about what it could be like to do something like trade watches for money instead of sitting here trying to force myself to type another word in this report that I could care less about.

I took the week to think about what I had learned.  I was wearing what I thought was my first big boy watch at the time, a Hamilton petite seconde railroad I had purchased from Tourneau in the mall a few months earlier.  I decided I would try to trade it in to start this watch trading thing.  They offered me $1200 less than what I paid for it, which was a complete wake-up call!  I realized I had been ripped off, and bought a depreciating watch.  “The way jewelers and dealers F*!% people was the real scam!”  I said to myself.

After that experience, I decided to give Watch Trading Academy a shot.  A month later, with the same exact amount of money ($1800) I bought a Rolex two-tone gold & steel Datejust and enjoyed it for 4 months.  I felt like a million bucks wearing that timepiece, and even had people coming up to me asking me what I did for a living.  When I went to sell the watch, I ended up selling it to a jeweler and making $400 profit.

So.. I got paid to wear a Rolex!!!  Never in my life did I think I would own a Rolex, never mind get paid to do it.

From there on out, I was hooked.  Without getting too far into the details of how I was able to quit my 9-5 job, and make 5X my 6-figure income, I will say I couldn’t be more thankful that I watched that webinar and pushed through the annoying ad.

The thing that I had initially judged as a scam in my overworked rage that early morning, ended up being legit.  Reflecting on my journey, I can’t help but smile at the irony that perhaps the real scam was what I kept telling myself that prevented d me from growing, and building a better life for myself.  I had become a victim by falling into the trap of listening to other people online say things were “scams” without even trying the thing they were talking about.  I also realized I didn’t really want to be like those people anyway, so it made no sense to take their advice in the first place.

The real scam was living a boring life doing what everyone else traditionally says is right to do instead of learning a skill that can open up new doors, and lead to great wealth.

I hope by reading this whether you’re a current skeptic or a curious bystander, you’ll at least check out the info.  I would love to hear if you decide to, and how (if at all) it perhaps changes your life like it did mine.  And if you really think it’s a scam, I’d love to hear why as well.

I hope to be able to do some trades with you in the future and perhaps we will both be telling the same funny stories about how we called out a scam that wasn’t what we originally thought it was!


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