The Watch Trading Academy Resources To Help You To Become A Better Watch Trader

Before joined Watch Trading Academy, I was very clueless about watches. I had no idea that I could make money by selling them. After two years, I was able to start making four digits in net profits monthly. That’s not bad for someone who is a slow learner and clueless about watches. 

Some people are much faster learners, and it shows in their monthly net earnings.  However, we all have one thing in common, we take advantage of the resources we have available to us.

I use all the resources available to become a better watch trader. By buying, selling, and trading, I have gained much-needed confidence in the process.

I watched all the WTA training videos before I started looking for my first watch. Yes, I was excited to make money, but I didn’t want to make a mistake by jumping in to watch trading before fully understanding what I should be doing.

Personally, my biggest loss to-date was $1,200, because I did not follow the WTA system. It was an obvious and stupid mistake. I was drinking and went to buy a watch, and I thought I bought a good model to trade recommended in the videos, but realized that I bought the wrong version of that model that was slightly different. 

Don’t drink and buy watches because you might make a costly mistake. Even selling watches while you are drinking might be expensive.  If you decide to sell some of your watches while drinking, call me, I think we will can a deal (LOL).

On the other hand, I did not want to wait too long to buy my first watch because I might be too afraid to pull the trigger and never get in the game. I knew that by taking a calculated risk, I should be fine. I knew that it would take me wanting to learn and getting uncomfortable to make a move and just start.

When I was going to pull the trigger for the first time, I used all the resources available to us WTA members to research. If I had the same amount of resources you all have today, I might have started flipping watches even earlier.

So, what resources helped me to become a better watch trader?

Facebook group 

This group is such a gold mine. When I was researching watches, I always used the SEARCH function in the group.  It’s the search bar at the top of the webpage or left of the mobile app. I started in September of 2018, and the group was relatively new. Now, there are so many resources showing the recommended watches to buy, case studies, different experiences, and much more.

The best thing you can do is to use the SEARCH function.

When I am looking for a specific watch target price, I instinctively jump on the group search bar and see if someone has already asked that question. For example, I type the keyword – Pam 320 – to see what has been said about that Panerai model.

I can see right away, all the posts in the group.

The second best thing is to ASK your WTA community members for help.

People like my Cal, Benjamin, Camden, Parker, PJ, and others were happy to answer any questions I had regarding target pricing, picture quality, or any other watch related watch questions as long as I showed I put in work to research first.  People who show they’ve done some legwork of their own always get stronger feedback and answers than those that just want people to answer them without any effort on their part.

The main reason, the members helped me was that I was willing to do the work before I asked them any questions, If I keep on asking them how much should I pay for the watch without really knowing the market, it’s just lazy.  

The Facebook group is a fantastic place to get my questions answered, and I like to join the discussions almost every day.

Watch trading Academy Blog Posts.

The Watch Trading Academy blog is a fantastic free resource that helped me gain a deeper understanding of watch trading. There are so many watch blogs online, but none are specific to watch trading like this.

Watch trading Academy YouTube Channel

I enjoy watching videos more than reading. The Youtube Channel is a great place where I can connect with the academy teachers. For me, learning is much more comfortable by observing than just reading articles.

Why am I making more money now than I used to make?

It’s plain and simple. I worked for it, and invested time to learn from all the resources I have available at the academy. My income increased by over 100% compared to last year.

It’ nice to have all the resources available, and I know where to look if I need an answer.  If I can’t get that answer in the main group, there’s always WTA Part 2, Knight Watch Course, Cal Knight’s Private Coaching, Luis’ Rolex Course, and The Masterminds/Deals Newsletter that I can tap into.  These resources help you go from just starting with the basics to mastering watch trading as a serious income opportunity.

In the end, the key is practice.  If I did not make the trades, I would not know how to ship safe, how to make a wire payment, what risks are associated with the fees, and how to understand that certain watch listings are scams.

Because this is a progressive business, I know I will only get better with more knowledge, resources available here at WTA, and my own hard work. I do not compare myself to other people because they have a different environment and circumstances. I am looking only at my progress because that’s the only thing I can control.

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