RESOURCEFULNESS: The Ultimate Money Maker

Resourcefulness (definition) Noun*  = the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties.

Also the #1 solution to overcome any excuse you’ve ever made especially in regards to making money watch trading.

Many people have huge potential to be great at watch trading and make as much money as they’d like.  

But one thing they need to focus on more is resourcefulness.  Some of this comes from the ability to create solutions out of almost nothing.

The other part has to do with knowing what tools and knowledge are accessible to oneself.  

I’ll give you some creative marketing ideas to improve your trading skills, and detail the resources you have access to already that you’re potentially not leveraging to the max.

Resourcefulness is:


First and foremost, being resourceful starts inside your brain.  Some people are naturally more resourceful than others, but that doesn’t mean that everyone can’t be extremely resourceful with a little practice.  

When faced with any challenge, whether it’s just watch Trading or in life, there are ways your brain reacts immediately.  This internal communication with yourself radiates throughout your entire endocrine and limbic system. It emits a reinforced belief in what you can or can’t do based on what you think.  We oftentimes don’t even realize we’re doing this to ourselves but whether we say it out loud, or even just think it to ourselves we’re doing more than just thinking. We’re creating reality in the physical world that yields results.

So for example, when someone goes to buy a watch they may think to themselves or project out loud “I’m not sure I can sell this timepiece”.  Immediately that thought instills itself in the entire construct of that person’s actuality. So by telling oneself that, they’re immediately starting off on a bad foot.  The person who instead thinks to themselves “I’m sure I can figure out how to sell this watch or at least trade out of it” has an entirely different energy frequency that permeates throughout their reality.  That thought turns to belief and that is why people who have that positive mindset tend to get results more than those who have doubtful or negative thoughts. It seems very simple and that is why it is usually overlooked.  It has become part of our habit to not even reflect on or address this from the root of the starting point.  

Once you can understand how powerful and important this mindset shift is, you organically will start addressing every watch trade as an opportunity instead of freaking out about challenges.


Research/ Data Input:

The second piece of the equation is doing some pre-leg work to gather data.  The issue with a majority of humanity’s own self-generated problems today is that they’re lazy.  They want to be spoon-fed answers (metaphor fish) instead of building themselves into (fishermen). 

There are so many resources at your fingertips to learn how to trade watches profitability.  

As part of your membership you have access to the robust FB community.  There have been multiple questions asked not only once but several times in that group.  If you use the search bar in the group and type in keywords with what you’re looking for very often you can find information and answers to questions without even having to type out what you need to ask everyone.  

There are many articles here under the “Recent Articles” tab of the Watch Trading Academy website which you can read that help you learn anything from best watches to start trading, to target price, to protecting yourself from scammers.  

As part of joining the weekly deals newsletter (which is a huge value for how inexpensive it is) you get access to the WTA Buy/Sell/Trade group.  Not only does this let you browse previously sold and purchased watches from members, but the newsletter tells you what target prices are for the best watches to trade.  If you want to up your knowledge a step further you can elect for the weekly Mastermind calls. The newsletter archives in your email inbox. So overtime, you can simply go into your mail app and just type a keyword like “Panerai 88” and you’ll see many listings with target prices on them immediately to help you form a good approach.  

Besides these robust resources, you also have access to Google, YouTube, Chrono24, eBay, WatchRecon, Forums.  The list goes on and on and on. You can research anything from watch model reviews to differences in movements and identifying fakes.  In this day of info technology there’s no excuse why you can’t figure out or at least form a strong thesis about the challenge you’re facing.  The better quality the data input the better results for the next stage


Results / Data Output: 

The final radiating stage of resourcefulness is results AKA output. 

As mentioned in the previous stage, the strength and creativeness of the output is typically compounded by the input.  If for example, you only look at one website like eBay to compare data for a watch you want to flip, and you go to list it for sale, and you only list it on Chrono24 and eBay your output results and creativity reflect the earlier stage of being resourceful.  

This is why those people complaining all the time who are only putting their watch out to the retail buyers once a month and only listing on one website and always asking questions that have always been answered have the hardest time winning.

In direct contrast, those that start by saying “I can make this work”, and then do research/ data collection on multiple platforms, and mediums then typically pump out the same level of creativity and effort into the universe.  They post their watches for sale to more audiences (not just in the standard listing way, but the alternative ways too like to their friends/family, on social media, blogs, partnerships, etc.) 

The results are thus aligned with the entire act of being resourceful.  By the time those who have nurtured the first two stages of watch Trading resourcefulness have gotten to the final stage of marketing and selling their watches, the results fall in place.  They sell on average quicker, for higher margins, and with more confidence.


Stay tuned throughout the year in the Facebook community and at our WTA workshop as I will provide actual examples of resourceful mindset, research, and results (marketing, selling, trading, partnership alignment).

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