Networking with Millionaires (Even if You Aren’t Rich)

When I talk about the benefits of luxury watches, networking is always at the top of my list.

A common question I get in response to this is – How exactly has owning a watch helped you network?”

To me the answer is obvious, but just in case it isn’t to you… here’s a breakdown.

Since the early 2000s when I start trading watches and buying exotic cars…

I always knew that a person’s watch and car are their entry points into high-level peer groups.

Cars are easy enough. Drive a Porsche or Lambo? Get into the club.


Believe it or not, this gets to a point where your watch says more than the car you drive.

It’s actually easy to “cheat” your way into an exotic car club.

You can just lease an exotic car or hack a cheap one for a few hundred or thousand dollars per month.

Watches, on the other hand, aren’t bought on credit.

The watch you wear says whether or not you are a person worth talking to.

That’s the sub-text communication of owning quality watches.

Watches come from a place of liquidity, cash, and capacity to act and close deals.

That’s why your watch is your business card.

They tell a very clear story about your social status.

It shows the world how much cash you can afford to wear on your wrist, and that you care how others perceive you.

A quality watch it’s an incredible tool to get in and out of peer groups…

And to engage in conversations where people take you seriously.

Trade them, wear them, and most importantly – use them as a networking tool to get inside peer groups with other people worth talking to.

You know the cliche already – your network is your net worth.

I can assure you – it’s absolutely true.

If you want to easily network with people worth talking to in the watch market, check out Watch Trading Academy.

Inside we have over 18,000 people that are exchanging tips and insights daily.

We also have many millionaires inside, and if you play your cards right, you might actually get to know them and network with them regularly.

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