How to Drive Traffic to Your Watch Listings 10X Faster

If you do not allow people to see your watches, there will be no sales. The key to selling watches is to get the watch in front of the right people. But do you know where the right people are? 

There are so many places where you can list your watches for sale, from Instagram, Facebook, Watch Marketplaces, Different apps, etc.

But the potential buyer who is going to pay you a premium retail price might not be engaging a specific site until you list your watch on that site. 

That’s why I have created a process that helps me draw more eyes to my listings.

I am going to share that process with you here:


Have One Main Site:

Having my main site (, has helped me increase the visibility of my watch listings exponentially.

In my case, I have all the viewers of my listings on multiple platforms redirected to my listings at Value Your Watch. The reason I draw this traffic to my website is simple. It allows me to not pay fees that exist on other platforms.

You might ask, how do I drive traffic to my listings like this in a manner where I’m not getting flagged by bots and paying the seller listing and platform fees?


Here’s How:

… So, when I list on eBay, I mention in the description, ” If you would like to see more pictures and video of the watch, have a look at Value Your Watch.”

When I’m creating the listing, I create a main copy and I use it for all other listings to be consistent.  It also makes it easier to post up your watch listing on other sites after the main copy is created.

Sometimes I get lazy and just write a general description, however the more time I invest in writing a detailed description in the listing the better results I get.


I chose Value Your Watch because it gets a lot of web traffic and when the sale happens, I do not have to pay fees when the seller pays me by wire or by other ways. By having full control over the selling part and not worrying about how much money I will lose by paying the fees, It’s easier for me to predict my net profits on each specific watch.

There are other options when it comes to driving traffic to a specific site. I have seen people driving traffic to their listings on eBay but I do not like eBay’s fees. I could direct the traffic to my personal site however, the amount of traffic it gets is minimum compared to my other main website. I’ve realized that people enjoy feeling like they’re getting the best deal possible and the site where the watch is listed for sale is credible. 

When I list the watch for sale on the main site, the price is always the best price.  On other platforms, I list it higher. This allows me to tell the buyer, this is the best price. 

I have sold several watches without having to negotiate with the sellers because they have seen the best price on my main site and thought it was a great deal.


Different Sites I Sell On:

There are so many different sites I can sell on, but I need to list on the sites which allow me to drive traffic to my site. What I mean by that, is to be able to share a link or at least to write my own description.


Other sites that allow this include: 


>Rolex Forum

>Omega Forum





When I list on all these sites, my chances of showing the watch to the right buyer increases. From people who are looking for specific watches, to pure retail clients who are just browsing but are on the same platforms as I am. That’s the power of sharing my watches on many sites with the one goal… = Drive the traffic to one site.

If I get a buyer without seeing my main site I am fine with that because the profit margin is usually greater.


Other Ways to Drive Traffic:

When I have someone asking me about the watch I have for sale or want to see more pictures, I always send them a link to my watch on my main site. When I share the listings, I am creating more opportunities by letting them see more than just tone watch I have for sale.

 Also, I drive traffic from my profiles on social media. Most of the social media platforms allow me to insert a link to site. 

That’s one of my favorite ways of getting more views on my watch listings instantly!

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