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Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean – Titanium (42mm) Review

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean is one of the most widely recognized signature collections of the Omega brand.  Omega was established in 1848 and didn’t come out with the first line of its Planet Ocean collection until 2005.  A variation of the Seamaster that could handle even the deepest of dives, this model has had its fair share of movie appearances on the big screen.  More recently you may have seen it on the wrist of Daniel Craig as James Bond.


The Planet Ocean line, originally geared towards sea-goers as diving timepieces can handle up to 600m of oceanic pressure.  There is exceptional luminous markers on the piece which are easy to read during the day, night, in the fog, and pretty much anywhere you travel to.  Equipped with a helium escape valve, most folks won’t use it as a certified diver would.  It becomes more of a conversational piece at networking events if you will.  If you do however need to deal with mixed gas environments, it will be sure to hold up against the elements for you.

The piece has a few key functions that make it a desirable tactical watch over and above just being an aesthetically pleasing wrist charm.  First, there is the time zone function accessed via the watch crown that allows you to change the hour hand without stopping the watch hands.  The watch also has a hacking-seconds function that provides its owner with a to-the-second setting for anal type personalities.

Equipped with a 60 hour power reserve, this watch can last longer than most in its competitive playing field.  Within the movement, there is a bi-directional automatic winding rotor and a dual main balance spring.  The planet ocean co-axial movement flaunts a full balance bridge, similar to Rolex dive watches, which can be enjoyed via the transparent case-back view.  The most recent innovation Omega has added to the piece is their silicon hairspring, which is a-magnetic and reduces the possibility of magnetism screwing with the time-keeping function of the movement.

Quality of Craftsmanship

In the past decade, Omega has made a run at some of the most elite watch brands when it comes to quality.  Most notably, the brand has been compared to Rolex and its sales have jumped to be a close runner-up to those of the timepiece King.  Omega shows care in every piece they create and it is especially evident in the case back view of the co-axil 8500 movement in this watch.  You may remember the commercial Omega did with the universe rotating around a centripetal machine and the tiny mechanical cyclists riding around on the metal tracks.  This was Omega showcasing their opus (the co-axial movement).  It really does awe and impress.

The titanium casing for the piece used in this model is nice in that it dents and scratches less than the steel models.

Wrist Presence

The 42mm Planet Ocean is a great size for most wrists.  Their models vary from the 30’s to high 46mm range of diameters.  This one is just right.  The titanium casing is a bit odd.  It feels super light and is almost surprisingly light at first.

If you’re someone who likes a light feel watch or has a small wrist this may be your Omega.  For those of you who like a heavy feel and wrist presence, you may want to try this one on first, pick up a steel version, or avoid all together.  It’s definitely a unique weight.  The Planet Ocean is always great for making a statement in a crowded room, easily identifiable, and is most likely going to sit on top of most business cuffs.


We rank this watch a total of 7/10 in general and a 5/10 for a business watch.

The retail price for the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean titanium version is $8,600 but can be had for much less pre-owned.  There are many variations of the Planet Ocean that make for ballin’ wrist candy.  This one works for the enthusiast, someone who appreciates titanium as a precious metal, and/or someone who wants to enjoy the 8500 movement via the case back display.

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