Watch Trading Academy 2022 Virtual Conference

The Only Event Dedicated To Helping Watch Investors Scale To $100k


You missed out!

Warning: A Major Correction Is Happening In The Luxury Watch Market

If You’re Serious about capitalizing on this opportunity, Then This Is One Event You Can’t Afford To Miss

Where: From The Comfort Of Your Own Home
When: Sunday, June 26, 2022 (10am-5pm EST)

I don’t want to sound dramatic…

But this might just be the most important conference we’ve ever held.


Because after almost 2 years of the market skyrocketing, things are finally slowing down and stabilizing a bit.

No, I'm not expecting a crazy crash where luxury watches lose 90% of their value.

That will never happen.

But a correction is happening.

So you better act fast.


The next few months present One the greatest opportunities for any watch investor to jump in and make a killing.

That doesn’t mean you should buy every watch that’s dropped in price (even if you have the cash).

During corrections like this, you have to be strategic with what watches you to buy and invest in.

This is going to be a huge focus during the Watch Trading Academy 2022 Virtual Conference.

Featuring presentations from Pejman Ghadimi, Cal Knight, brand-new $100K Club members, and more...

This is one event you can't afford to miss.

Meet Our Speakers 

Cal Knight 

$100k Club Member and Mentor

Cal Knight has had a passion for watches his entire life. In 2018, Cal quit his 9-5 job to become a full-time watch trader after reaching $100k profit in less than 6 months. Known for his unique client relationship and advanced negotiations strategies, Cal is now a full-time watch trading and serves as a mentor to students inside Watch Trading Academy.

pejman Ghadimi 

Founder, Watch Trading Academy

Since 2005, Pejman Ghadimi has been trading and investing in luxury watches using his flagship 'wealth transfer' methodology. His experience in buying and selling watches has allowed him build a 7-figure profit per year income stream. Pejman has over 15,000 students all over the world learning his strategies inside the Watch Trading Academy.

Gabriel Magalhaes

$100K Club Member

Working a 9-5 sales job most of his life, Gabriel Magalhaes never thought in a million years that he would be a full-time watch trader. But here we are in 2022, and Gabriel is one of our newest $100K Club members. Don’t miss his value-packed presentation on what it takes to position yourself successfully to quit your job and make more money trading watches.

Faizan Ahmed

$100k Club Member, CPA & Lawyer

Faizan Ahmed is a full-time CPA (Certified Public Accountant) who managed to build a six-figure watch trading business in his spare time. Faizan is one of the few CPAs in the world that actually trades watches, so if you want to learn how to (legally) save your butt on taxes and attract outside investors, this is one speaker you won't want to miss.

Christopher Gonder

Founder, Bennisson Watch Repair

Christopher Gonder is the founder of Bennisson Watch Repair, one of the most renowned watch repair shops in the industry. Learn as Christopher exposes the ins and outs of the watch repair industry and discover how to never lose money on unnecessary repairs again.

Mark Fotohabadi

$100K Club Member

Mark Fotohabadi is one of our most recent $100k Club members. But here’s the craziest part - he did it all without selling a single Rolex... which is arguably the most popular and profitable brands in the world. Discover Mark’s unique strategy he used to “corner the market” of ultra-niche watches to make double the profit with the same amount of work.

Surprise Guest Speakers

To Be Announced...

Featuring some of the biggest names in the luxury watch industry. Will be announced at a later date. 

Former COO of Tourneau Watches

Tourneau Watches

With over $150 milllion dollars in annual revenue, Tourneau is one of the biggest luxury watch retailers in the world. So when it comes to having a pulse on where the market is at and where it's heading, no one knows this game better than the former COO of Tourneau.

Watch Trading Academy 2022 Virtual Conference Schedule 

June 26, 2022. 10AM-5PM EST

Session #1 - 2022 State Of The Union Address (Pejman Ghadimi)

  • Welcome and Watch Trading Academy community updates.
  • What the past 2 years have taught us about the luxury watch market and what to expect in the future.
  • PJ’s exact framework for navigating any market correction to exponentially grow (and protect) your money.
  • Why you must stop trading watches and transition into becoming a watch investor if you want to survive in 2022 and beyond.
  • The exact watch models you should be targeting during this market correction.
  • And much more…

Lunch Break - Quick break for lunch before our next session

Session #2 - Six Figure Whale Client Secrets (Cal Knight)

  • Cal’s strategy that helped him make six-figures in 2021 with just 4 retail clients.
  • How to make competition irrelevant - Discover how Cal built a world-class network from the ground up that lets him charge a premium for his watches (that his clients happily pay for).
  • The #1 secret to scaling from $1k per month to $10k per month in profit in record time (hint: it has nothing to do with selling more watches).
  • The death of flipping watches. Why flipping watches on eBay isn’t enough and why you must start trading like an investor to scale to bigger profit.
  • How Cal would build a network and client base if he was a brand-new watch investor starting from scratch today.

Session #3 - How To Leverage Investor Capital To Scale To $100k Profits In Record Time (Faizan Ahmed)

  • How to grow your watch investing “side hustle” to $100k per year profit while still working a 9-5 job.
  • How to leverage investor capital to scale at lightning speed without risking your own money.
  • How to attract investors to work with you even if you’re a complete beginner in the watch trading game.
  • 2022 tax update for watch investors: Tax & legal business updates that apply to every watch trader in 2022 (even if you're just trading watches as a hobby).
  • How to properly structure your watch investing business to protect yourself legally and save a boatload of money on taxes. 

Session #4 - How To Quit Your 9-5 Job And Become A Six-Figure Watch Trader (Gabriel Magalhaes)

  • How Gabriel calculated the exact revenue number he had to hit in order to quit his 9-5 job as a sales rep.
  • How Gabriel went from selling $1,500 watches to “Walmart-level” clients to selling exclusively to high-end boutique clients that net him thousands of dollars in profit per watch.
  • The trading path Gabriel followed to make $60k profit in 3 months and realize he could do this full-time.
  • The special buy-back strategy Gabriel used to make profit repeatedly off a single watch.
  • Gabe’s strategy to brokering watches that makes him over 5-figures in profit with $0 out of pocket investment.

Session #5 - How To "Corner The Market" Of Niche Watches To Make Double The Profit (Mark Fotohabadi)

  • Discover the market manipulation strategy Mark used to sell a watch that normally sells for double ($4,500 for $9,950).
  • How Mark made $100k/year profit without trading a single Rolex.
  • Mark’s “risk exposure” formula that automatically tells him the maximum amount of money he should spend on a particular watch.
  • Why 99% of people fail to make it into the $100K Club and what you can do if you want to join in 2022.. 

Session #6 - The Future Of The Luxury Watch market (Former COO Of Tourneau Watches)

  • What the future of the luxury watch market looks like in 2022 and beyond.
  • Revealed: What really happens to luxury watches when a recession hits (and what you can do to protect yourself).
  • How independent watch investors can compete with retail giants like Tourneau and still win big.

Session #7 - Exposing The Watch Repair Industry (Christopher Gonder)

  • Why 99% of watch "repair" shops are full of crap (and how to vet the right shops for your servicing and repair needs).
  • Discover how to never lose money on unnecessary services or repairs again.
  • Fake watches in 2022 - Discover the latest techniques scammers are using to sell fake watches today (and the top things you must look out for to avoid getting scammed today).

Session #8 - Special Guest Speakers (To Be Announced)

Session #9 - Live Q&A with All Guest Speakers

  • Ask any burning questions you have to our panel of experts and guest speakers. 
  • Conference won't end until every last question is answered.

5 reasons Why This Is A "Can’t Miss" Event For Watch Investors 

Reason #1 - A Major Correction Is Happening Right Now In The Market

Luxury watch prices have been going up since Covid started back in 2020. Now things are starting to simmer down. And it’s like they say…”buy the blood.”

But you need to be smart about it. Sure, there’s a lot of money to be made when the market is going down, but you need to know exactly what to buy. And we’ll show you exactly how to navigate this crazy market during the conference.

Reason #2 - The Only Event In The World Dedicated To Helping Watch Investors Make More Money

Let’s be real - no other event like this exists. Sure there are events about watches. But there are virtually zero events about trading, buying, selling, and investing in watches.

If you love watches and want to make watches a profitable asset class in your investment portfolio, then this is one event you can’t afford to miss.

Reason #3 - Understand What’s Working Today From The Biggest Players In The Luxury Watch Game

Like any industry, the luxury watch market is constantly evolving. Get the low-down on what’s working today, what’s not working anymore, and what will continue to work 6 months from now.

And remember, every tip, strategy, and secret you hear from this event is battle-tested in real life. We don’t operate in theory here at Watch Trading Academy.

Reason #4 - Get your questions answered live by real experts

Near the end of the event, we will hold a live Q&A where you can ask PJ, Cal, and all the other speakers any questions you want about watch trading and investing.

These guys charge hundreds/thousands of dollars for their time, so please take advantage of this opportunity. We will stay until every last question is answered.

Reason #5 - Get A Clear Roadmap On What You Need To Do To 10x Your Profits in 2022

Now this is the real reason you’re here. Like I said before…The market is correcting, and there are more opportunities to make money with luxury watches than ever.

You just need the proper roadmap which is exactly what we’ll give you when you attend the event. After attending the Watch Trading Academy 2022 Virtual Conference, you’ll understand the exact roadmap you must follow to 10x your profits in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Does The Conference Start?

It starts June 26, 2022 from 10am - 5pm EST

Are there any additional costs to the event?

Nope. Your ticket is “all inclusive” and includes access to all presentations, panels, and Q&A sessions.

Do I need to bring anything to the event?

No, because the event is 100% virtual, you need nothing more than a stable wifi connection and hopefully something to take notes with.

So the event is NOT in-person this year?

Correct, it’s 100% virtual.

Are tickets refundable?

No, all sales are final.

Will The Event Be Recorded?

Yes, it will be recorded.

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