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Pejman Ghadimi is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for luxury timepieces and a background in finance. Combining both of his passions, he launched the world’s first and only Watch Trading Academy.  Since 2013 he has helped over 15,000 people start and scale their own watch trading side hustle and quit their 9-5. 

what you'll learn..

  • How To Make $10,000+ Profit Per Month Buying And Selling Luxury Watches (Even If You Have A Small Budget)
  • Why Watch Trading Is One Of The Most "Underrated" Side Hustles Anyone Can Start (That Can Replace Your 9-5 In A Matter Of Months).
  • How Complete Newbies Who Know Nothing About Luxury Watches Are Able To Make Thousands Of Dollars Per Month.
  • Unsaturated And Recession Proof: Why Luxury Watches will always be in High Demand And Allow Complete Beginners To Make Up To $1585 Profit On A Single Trade.
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Last Updated May 282024