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Part Deux Advanced Training

Are you stuck and only doing a couple of low margin trades each month? Want the ultimate fast track to making $100k per year in profit? Then say hello to the Watch Trading Academy Part Deux. Learn the advanced trading strategies to consistently bring in 20%+ ROI while doing less deals. You'll also get an inside look at my personal deals (never before shared), including a $100k roadmap to help skip the guesswork on which watches to buy, and how much to pay. Typically this involves an application, but we're allowing you to bypass the application process and get full access for just $1,697 instead of the regular $2,499 (32% off). Part Deux is for serious watch traders only. 

Retail Price: $2,499 (Save 32%)

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Knight Watch Course & Profit Vault

Learn directly from Cal Knight, our first student to cross $100k in profit. Cal’s unique approach to watch trading helped him go from $1,500 to $100k in just 5 months, and as a result, allowed him to quit his 9-5 job. Inside his course, you'll learn Cal’s advanced negotiation (scripts included) and client building strategies that have allowed him to sell watches faster, get repeat clients, and develop a world class network in record time. You'll also get access to Cal's Coaching Profit Vault with over 15 hours of 'over the shoulder' extra training going deep into Cal’s thought process on negotiation, research, and calculations. Get an instant $700 savings on both Knight Watch Course and Profit Vault.

Retail Price: $1,997 (Save 35%)

Watch Trading Academy Part Three

This is the final chapter in the Watch Trading Academy trilogy that started back in 2015. In this all-new training, you'll find a wide range of advanced wealth creation and preservation topics that I’ve never covered in any other program. This includes authorized dealer loopholes, investor capital and wealth management, how to trade $30-$100k watches, how to minimize taxes when profits increase, selling to international clients, my personal personal 'hunt list' of watches to acquire and hold for passive income, and so much more. If you want to build generational wealth, this is a program you can’t afford to miss. Part Three is by application only and exclusively available to Part Deux members only.

Retail Price: $6,997 (Save 36%)

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Deal Finder Sessions

Do you struggle to find deals? Watch “over the shoulder” as PJ hunts for the most profitable watch deals online. Learn his thought process behind the search, how he decides on the buying price without fear of losing money, how to find “under the radar” sellers that aren’t even listed on popular sites like eBay and Chrono24, get an inside look at his actual negotiation tactics, learn how how to differentiate from dealer, scammer, and the ideal seller, see the calculations you need to follow to determine profit margin, and so much more. Coaching students had to pay thousands to see this live. Get access to over 50 hours of Deal Finder training for just $297 (85% off).

Retail Price: $1,997 (Save 85%)

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Private Mastermind

Want to 10x your watch trading profits in half the time? The Private Mastermind is the most cost effective way to dramatically increase your watch trading profits, and make it virtually impossible to not buy your first profitable watch in the next 24 hours or less. Get “market update” calls with PJ, access to our proprietary Watch Scout software to easily find watch deals, newsletter deals where I handpick the top watch deals online for you, access to our trusted buy/sell/trade Facebook group, and access to the archive of all our previous market update calls that you can filter by brand and model. Typically this costs $97/month, but you can get a full year for $799 and save 30% (Cancel any time. Zero contracts.)

Retail Price: $97/mo (Save 30%)

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Exotic Car Hacks

We’ve been brainwashed to believe that luxury and exotic cars are nothing but cool toys reserved for the top 1%. That ends today. With Exotic Car Hacks, you get the ultimate step-by-step blueprint to owning your dream car without being rich, using your own capital, or worrying about depreciation, taxes, insurance, or maintenance costs. With over 15,000 members, this 100% beginner friendly program will guide you through the entire “car hacking” process from start to finish, and provide all the tools and resources so that you can be in your dream car in the next 90 days.

Retail Price: $997 (Save 70%)

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90 day bootcamp

Feeling stuck, unmotivated, and unsure of what you want to do with your life and business? The 90 Day Bootcamp takes my 20 years of knowledge in building 7-8 figure businesses and breaks it down into 90 days of step-by-step actionable content for you to follow. It includes everything you need to know about awareness, business, entrepreneurship, sales, finance, mindset, philosophy, and so much more. By the end of the 90 days you’ll know exactly what you need to do to start and scale any business in any industry and take your life to the next level. Make 2022 your best year yet with me by your side.

Retail Price: $1,997 (Save 95%)