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The Single Greatest Opportunity To Invest In Luxury Watches Is Now Here. Are You Prepared?

We all knew a recession was coming.

The Coronavirus COVID-19 just accelerated the inevitable.

It's quickly approaching... (if not here already).

While most people are crying about how the sky is falling, there’s always opportunity in chaos.

2008 financially ruined the lives of millions of people, but that was the time I made my biggest financial gains.

Prior to 2008, I, myself, invested heavily in real estate and made out like a bandit flipping properties and lots which helped me earn my first million in cash.

Most people understand buying when the market is down, they stick with conventional investments like... stocks, real estate, maybe some crypto (seriously...?).

Those type of investments are simply way too risky.

Look at the stock market right now, it's down as much as 40% and has literally wiped out any gain you would have made if you invested over the last decade.

Not to mention the thousands of dollars lost in everyone's 401k.

I’m here today to talk to you about a little-known multi-billion dollar industry that’s going to make people a lot of money when the recession hits.

I’m talking about luxury watches. 

Watches from brands you already know like Rolex, Omega, Panerai, Audemars Piguet, etc.

Most people associate buying luxury watches with losing money.

And that’s true... if you buy like most people.

But guess what?

Most people are broke and have no idea how to actually put their money to work.

In 2019, I made $817,461 in profit trading watches.

I don’t say that to brag, but instead to inspire you and show you what’s possible when you strategically invest your money.

​Where stocks can literally lose 100% of it's value, luxury watches have a hard bottom number.

Meaning, if you buy right, your initial investment is always safe because you can just take it to your local jeweler or pawnshop and get your money back out.

This is why luxury watches have become one of the best alternative asset investments.

Even Kevin O'Leary from Shark Tank calls luxury watches his best investment in recent years.

I’ve also helped dozens of students cross the six-figure profit mark and have helped hundreds more consistently profit from watch trading.

Some of my top students are making upwards of $25,000 profit per month trading watches (and that’s when the economy was good).

I want to show you exactly how to 10x that when the economy is going down the drain.

And like I’ve been saying, 2020 is going to present the biggest opportunity in the past decade to make a killing trading watches.

Just like these students below (swipe right)...

Sam Davis - Omega : Breitling : IWC GOod
Kyron - Omega UK CS
James - Rolex CS Good
Denzel - Panerai CS
Johnathon - Tudor CS Good
Giordano - Tudor Canada CS GOod
Robert - Tag Heuer Europe CS Good
Razi - Omega CS
Marley Cartier CS
Cameron Tag CS
Chris Panerai CS
Christian Tudor CS
Vic Omega CS
Jerry AP CS
Nicholas Breitling CS
Camden Breitling CS 2
Conrad Hublot CS
Micah Ambox CS
Dan Panerai CS
Jacob - B&R CS
Jonathon Paz - Breitling CS
Sohail - Rolex CS
Muhammed - IWC CS
Simon Omega CS
Nicholas CS
Honza - Cartier CS
Austin - Breitling CS
Jonathon - Breitling 3 CS
Alex - Omega 2 CS
Julian - Breitling CS
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So You Have Two Choices...

1) You sit on the sidelines and complain about what is happening to the economy and how it is affecting your income.


2) You can take action and learn one of the greatest opportunities to make money in the watch trading industry with a proven step-by-step system that makes it virtually impossible to not profit.

I mean.... the choice is literally yours. Which is why I’m so excited to show you this...

Introducing Watch Trading Academy

The Ultimate Blueprint To Making 6-Figures In Profit Trading Watches (And How To Skyrocket Your Results In The Upcoming Recession)

Watch Trading Academy is the world’s #1 platform teaching normal, everyday people how to profit from trading luxury watches.

Everything you need to run a successful watch trading business is included in the platform.

And yes, this works for complete beginners who know nothing about watches or don’t have a lot of capital to work with.

All you need to get started is literally $1,500 to invest in your first watch, a computer or phone (if you are reading this then bingo), and access to a post office, FedEx, or UPS (Good news! They're still operating).

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll get inside the program:

  • 5 hours of HD video lessons. This step-by-step training will teach you everything you need to know on how to buy and sell your first luxury watch for profit. 
  • Learn my “wealth transfer” system that allows me to not only enjoy wearing some of the most sought after watches in the world, but protect my initial investment so I never risk losing money.
  • My top websites for finding watch deals 24/7 (this goes far beyond eBay, but only if you know where to look). 
  • How to get started for as little as $1,500. Learn how one of my students started with just $1,500, never invested another penny, and is now making $15,000 profit per month. 
  • A list of the exact watch models to buy and what to avoid. (It's not as simple as you think. There are good and bad brands). 
  • My battle-tested formula for analyzing any watch listing in as little as 5 minutes to determine if you should buy or not, and the exact price to offer (without offending anyone).
  • The exact scripts on what to say to potential sellers that will have them begging you to buy their watch.
  • How to grow your network from the ground up so you always have a stream of buyers hungry to buy your watches. 
  • And much much more...

5 Free Fast Action Bonuses When You Join Today (Limited Time Only)

Bonus #1 Private Members-Only Facebook Group

Your network is your net worth. When you join Watch Trading Academy, not only do you get access to world-class training, but you also get instant access to our private network of watch traders and enthusiasts.

Inside you'll be able to:

  • Get 24/7 support from thousands of expert watch traders and enthusiasts around the world. 
  • Get feedback from expert watch traders so you know you’re getting the best possible deal on your trades.
  • Get access to special member only videos and live streams to answer your questions and stay updated on the industry. 
  • Get access to insider tips and tricks to keep up with latest industry trends and stay ahead of the curve. 

Bonus #2 Replica Watch and negotiation training

One of the biggest fears of watch trading is being scammed and buying a fake watch or not knowing if a good deal is actually good. Which is why I want to include two separate bonus trainings on how to spot fakes from a mile away and another on advanced negotiation tactics.

Inside you'll learn:

  • The step-by-step process of receiving and inspecting a watch to determine if it’s a fake.
  • Real-life examples of replica watches. (I bought fake watches just to show you).
  • Learn my exact process for vetting sellers to make sure they’re legit and not some Nigerian prince (no offense to Nigerians). 
  • Learn my battle-tested negotiation tactics to buy a watch at the right price so it becomes virtually impossible to lose money. 

Bonus #3 List of Most Profitable Beginner Watches

Have no idea what the best watches to trade are? Don’t worry, we got your back. Included is a list of 'go-to' watches for you to start with as low as $1,500.

With our list of most profitable beginner watches, you’ll learn:

  • Our top 10 list of most profitable watches that move fast and for high profit.
  • How to get started for as little as $1,500. Our list ranges up to $10,000 so there are options for every budget.
  • How to pay for your entire Watch Trading Academy membership from just doing one trade from this list. 
  • The exact buy and sell price you should be aiming for each model. We take all the guesswork out so you can focus on landing quick and profitable deals. 

Bonus #4 Over 300+ Real-World Case Studies

Get an insider's look at deals that have been done with new deals being done every day. 

Not only will you learn how watch trading veterans like myself are doing deals but other members, ranging from beginners to intermediates are landing high profit watch trades FAST.

What's included:

  • Detailed breakdowns of deals done by myself and other members.
  • How complete newbies are making 4-figure watch trades in less than a week. 
  • Case studies on the most popular watch brands including Rolex, Omega, Panerai, Audemars Piguet, and much more
  • Learn exact math behind each deal - how much a watch sells for, shipping costs, and how much profit you can expect to make with each deal.

Bonus #5 2020 Recession prep bonus training

This is IMPORTANT. As I mentioned earlier, this is the year where fortunes will be made.

An economic recession like this comes once in a lifetime and this bonus training will teach you exactly how to navigate these waters.

This is an ALL-NEW training recorded literally this week as things are unfolding.

​Inside you'll learn:

  • Why buying luxury watches during a recession is one of the greatest financial opportunities in the world.
  • How much money should you be investing in watches during a recession.
  • How to “time the market” just right so every deal makes you at least 4-figures in profit (even if you’re a complete beginner) 
  • Which watch models you should be focused on buying during a recession.

Don’t Trust The Persian Guy In White Pants? It’s Cool, Don’t Listen To Me. Here’s My Actual Students...

Get Everything You Need To Start A Profitable Watch Trading Business For The Lowest Price Ever Offered

Here’s the deal…

I used to charge $1,997 for one-on-one coaching on how to do this.

I'm actually stopped accepting new students last year because I don't have time.

The Watch Trading Academy program alone is worth easily $9,997 because it's a 'business in a box' for anyone that's ready to take action.

The bonuses are easily worth an additional $4,997 too because it's just too much damn value. 

I don't want to just give you a training program.

I want to give you a training program and ALL the additional tools and resources you need to help you become successful.

But you won’t pay $14,994.

Hell, you won’t even pay 2% of that.

Instead, you can lock in a lifetime membership to the Watch Trading Academy for a one time fee of $297.

Why would I price something like this so low?


I want to help as many people as possible and blow you away with life-changing content.

I believe that in order to gain the trust of someone, you must lead with value and that’s my aim with Watch Trading Academy.

Wanna know the best part?

You can make back your entire Watch Trading Academy investment with just one trade :)

Ready To Start Making 6 Figures A Year In One Of The World’s Most “Under The Radar” Markets?

$297 Today

  • Lifetime Access To Watch Trading Academy with over 5 Hours of Step-by-Step Video Training Modules on How to Buy and Trade Your First Watch for Profit.
  • Bonus #1) instant access to our private members-only facebook group where you can get 24/7 help from myself and other watch trading experts.
  • Bonus #2) Get over 300+ case studies of actual deals done by myself and our members. see a breakdown of each deal and all the financial info like purchase price, sale price, shipping, etc
  • Bonus #3) My Secret list of the best and most profitable watches for beginners to trade. let me help take the guesswork out by providing you watches you should start with under $1,500.
  • Bonus #4) Watch "over the shoulder" as I show you exactly have I search for watch deals online and vet sellers and listings to ensure i don't get scammed.
  • Bonus #5) Our brand new bonus training specifically on the upcoming recession in 2020. you need to know this information in order to be prepared and ready to take action when opportunity presents itself.