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Week In The Shoes Of Luxury Lifestyle Trader

Everyone who clocks in daily at their job is trading time for money. Would you think I am doing the same if I’m trading timepieces from anywhere in the world from my iPhone? As I am writing this article, I have already crossed 6 figures in profits for 2020.

My general week consists of golfing, loads of FEDEX runs, internet browsing, chatting with fellow watch dealers, traders, and clients.  I take lots of photos, take lots of trips to the lake/beach, and somewhere in the mix sell some badass timepieces.

How does that all wrap up into a daily schedule you might think? Well most mornings start around 8-9 with checking over messages and requests form the previous night, tracking packages, and seeing what is getting delivered that day. I will pick up whatever I have coming in from Fedex, then assess if anything needs to be done to it, then get to photos and listing ASAP. I will reach out to clients in my network if I think it is something they might appreciate, which is my favorite way to sell because you skip the listing phase of selling. Then most of the day is spent on the phones and Facebook talking to people.

I get the feeling there will be people reading this saying where are you finding your retail clients and how do I build my own network? I am from a poor city; I do not know anyone who spends 5k on a timepiece, blah blah blah. The answer is quite simple. One, sell to retail clients not traders.  It sounds simple, and yes literally it’s marketing to get that piece in front of the right person. Two, TELL EVERY MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS YOU BUY/SELL/SOURCE timepieces. These people are your biggest supporters and assets when starting. Word of mouth sales are still the highest converting sales for me. (again, I can hear the sheep saying my friends & family are poor that will not work for me). We are going to get into another solution for your problem here soon.  


How To Enjoy What You Do While Making Shotloads of Money Trading Watches!!

For me I enjoy golf, cars, bourbon, flying, and of course watches.  Everyone reading this obviously has the internet and I am sure you are part of various forums and groups. You probably interact with a lot of people you have never actually met but share a lot of similar interests with. BECOME their watch guy!!! If its bourbon, post in the group with your new $500 bottle of juice and your AP! Strike up the conversations with everyone in the comments, find out who also enjoys fine timepieces, and spend some time talking with them. That can be done across the board with cars, planes, shoes, knives, computers.  So back to the answer of the sheep saying they do not know anyone with money. YES, YOU DO, you are just not leveraging them correctly.

So how does this all loop into the entire lifestyle of trading, being efficient, making handsome profits, and controlling your time while doing so?  I come from a golf background having played all over the world almost my whole life, and met some interesting people along the way. I learned early on people love shopping with friends. So, it became very natural for me to dive into that world when starting out to grow my clientele. Then I got more into the local jeweler’s scene, and expensive bourbon scene which really helped blossom my local clientele. As an example, I would go to all the local jewelers and see if they buy watches over-the-counter.  If they did, I added them to my CRM networking sheet as taught in the Knight Watch course of WTA.  If they didn’t buy watches over-the-counter I told them to call me. Tons of free leads. I just leave my info and they give it to potential customers.  My favorite networking I have done so far is at my girlfriend’s conferences in the medical world.  I will tag along to her conferences all over the U.S. and meet doctors and sales people who LOVE watches (target rich environment). That has been a huge bonus for building clientele and at the same traveling and doing what I love. Again, all connected, a lot like watches, bourbon, and golf. Nonstop rapport building, and now they are shopping with a friend!

Have you read any part of my day that sucks? It consists of controlling my own time. Going to where I want to go on my own while making money at the same time. Many of you know I love to travel. People are curious as to how to buy & sell while away. Say I am going to Europe for 2 weeks. I will purchase a lot of inventory leading up to departure. Get everything listed for sale and have it sitting on all the sites while I am away and have them on vacation mode, informing buyers when package can be shipped.  I will leave a few dollars for buying while I am away because my phone never stops buzzing and I Have to have some money in case a good deal comes my way. That is how I have efficiently learned how to travel frequently, play golf, enjoy my own time while making 6 figures selling timepieces.

Understand I am not an outlier. Just a few years ago I knew hardly anything about the watch market.  You can make watch trading a lifestyle business as well and live the life you dream of.  If you ever want to learn more about how, feel free to hit me up in the WTA Group anytime!!!

Parker Derby

Parker Derby here, I grew up playing golf and always had an appreciation for fine watches. I joined WTA 4 years ago for that reason to learn how to wear watches for free and maybe make some money! Now i make 5 figures a month trading while traveling, golfing, and the rest of the crazy stuff life throws. i trade many brands but my favorites are Rolex, Hublot and JLC. My current hobbies that revolve in this world are bourbon, golf, and cars.

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